About Me!

Who I am, What I do, and How I live

Hey everyone!

**To those who don’t want to read below, the hair/skin quizzes are to the right. Please don’t buy blindly! With the quizzes I’m able to recommend personalized hair/skin products that cater to your needs :)

My name is Ashley. I’m a Full Time Retail Manager working as a Monat Market Partner (MP) on the side. I am also a certified lash technician and currently focusing on classic sets but am trained to do volume and hybrid as well! I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve had three jobs, but unfortunately it’s not. Because of this fact, I’ve realized that working a job with tireless hours that is not benefitting my mental and/or physical stability is not my end goal. I want to be financially free, whilst actually feeling free and I’m so thankful Monat has given me this chance.

As a MP, I recommend, and promote products that I already love, from both the hair and skin care line. This is called Social Selling and something you may already be doing (think of products, restaurants, etc that you recommend to family and friends). The difference is that I get paid for it! However, one thing that I will always tell people is: even if I wasn’t selling these products, I would still be using it. I’ve tried a variety of products for OVER A YEAR before deciding on joining the business. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. I put in work, and I’m dedicated to it because I want to see growth in myself as well as get great hair and skin on the side. I’m an open book with this business so please ask me any questions. There are no stupid questions!

A typical day for me looks like 3-4 hours working on Monat; sometimes spread out throughout the day, or sometimes straight through. I love creating content so promoting these products is also a way for me to broadcast my creative outlet. Hobbies include gaming (current favourite is Valorant... I cannot stop playing!), and reading (I’ve been loving ebooks lately so please send me recommendations!). The best way for me to stay in a healthy place is to write in my journal. A page would consist of 3 things I’m grateful for, my thoughts/feelings that day, short-term goals and affirmations as these keep me in check.

I’m blessed to be where I am, and I’m constantly thankful. I only hope that having you on my page has lead you to wanting more for your life as well whether through hair/skin transformations or personal development by joining my team :)

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