happy first month of love, hubby!

we've known each other for so long but it's still a month since we've committed as a couple. as a sign of appreciation, i made this short message for you. keep scrolling, love!

( i'm sorry if this is too short and simple, babi. i really don't know how to make this HAHAHAHAHAHA )

read this first!

hi, hubby! it's my first time doing something like this. i'm not that sweet type of person before but i guess you changed me hehe. first of all, i thank you for being the best partner. you're my best friend, my buddy, my human diary, my boyfriend and my hubby! you're all in one. hehehe

through ups and downs, you have been there, waiting for me to talk about what's bothering me. honestly, i don't need comforting words. i just need you, my comfort person. as long as you're there, i know everything will be okay.

lastly, hubby, no matter what happens, please don't leave me :( you're already part of what i plan for my future, our future. i don't want to lose you. i'll always do my best to be the best partner for you. and thank you for staying by my side. i will always love you, now and forever, mi amore.