Hi, I’m Lauren!

After 25+ years of being chronically ill, I decided I wanted different...

I began this page many years ago to document my self-healing journey out of the darkness of dis-ease. I have deeply evolved over these last 20 years and the process of nurturing my mind & body has shown me many lessons all while reminding me to count my blessings.

I’m on a perpetual quest to learn how/why the body gets sick and what we can do to rebalance & regenerate back to our wholesome divine blueprint.

I love sharing free information & my favorite products, tools & resources to help you upgrade health and wealth that we are all so worthy of receiving.

I adore making genuine connections and crossing paths with like-minded women who are into creating positive change for themselves & the world. IG has lent me the greatest platform for making lasting friendships and allowing me to shine my light in this world!

I currently reside in Upstate NY with my amazing fiancé who I’m madly in love with. I am a former textile designer who’s passions have turned towards healthy living, cooking, gardening, business and travel. I run a successful home-based business where I help others get healthy and if they choose to pass along the gift of health to others, I help mentor them in growing their own successful business. I love seeing others thrive and rise up!

Frequency Upgrade

A frequency device that has the potential, to harmonize your biological systems, your emotions, & subconscious, & to bring harmony to all areas of your life, allowing you to live and to thrive in your highest potential.

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