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My name is Dawn! I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor, mother to a son & two daughters, and a grandma to my 3 beautiful granddaughters.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 42 years old. I had three tumors in my right breast and on December 8, 2011 had a double mastectomy, lost all 32 lymph nodes on the right side & had tissue expanders placed for future reconstruction.

Since my breast cancer was not genetic, environmental factors surely played a role. My oldest daughter has been passionate about ToxinFree living, and in time I started to see the light!

I have since followed in my daughter’s footsteps! In 2020 I started a ToxinFree Wellness Group and now help others, as my daughter helped me.

Wellness Group

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My Favorite Supplements & Healthy Lifestyle Links

Fulvic Acid

I drink this daily and it’s changed my life. This is a natural organic anti parasitic and heavy metal detox.

Mary Ruth

Vitamins & supplements that are non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients, with the fewest number of allergens as possible. Save $10 use code: LIQUID10


The world's first vegan products designed to deliver only what's missing from a plant-based diet... and nothing else.

Beekeeper’s Naturals

My favorite place to get bee products!

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Herbal remedies and body care that support health — naturally! Some of my fav items: Good Night Lotion, All Purpose Salve Stick, Pest Aside & Electrolyte Powder.

Mushroom Revival

When diagnosed with Lyme Disease, Alex Dorr tried everything to get his health back. With functional mushrooms his health took a 180.

Save 10% with: ACG

Your Super

You deserve to know what you’re putting in your body. Your Super mixes contain 5-6 naturally dried superfoods — that’s all! Every ingredient is certified organic, Non-GMO certified, Glyphosate-Free, plant-based and gluten-free. You’ll never find any sweeteners, stevia, artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives or additives.
Save with code: ACG15

Spirit Animal Coffee

Shade grown, non GMO, single origin coffee.
Coffee is roasted in Honduras and packed in their bags immediately.
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Lifeboost Coffee

Organic, single sourced, ToxinFree coffee! My daily is the ground dark roast.

Nutritional Yeast

This is my go-to for homemade Mac & Cheese along with other vegan recipes

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My Favorite Household & Cleaning Products


Chemical free non-stick cookware

Cast Iron Cooking Set

Confidently pre-seasoned

Stainless Steel Cookware

Great starter set!

Sea Love Candles

These are the most amazing, soy based, ToxinFree, headache proof, candles!! Handmade by the sweetest couple in Maine. Save 10% with code: ACG10

Room Spray

This is their perfect swap to Fabreze, and I am obsessed with the smell! I use this multiple times a day.
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ToxinFree Plug-Ins

Love this company ScentFill!
Save 10% with my link 😍

Laundry Products

The absolute best laundry products EVER! Even my husband is obsessed with their wonderful ToxinFree smell! They even use eco-friendly packaging!!!
Get 100 free loads by clicking the link below.

EPA Registered Disinfectant

ToxinFree disinfectant/cleaner that literally works wonders! Use on counters, carpet, wood floors and in bathroom.

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Clean cleaning and personal care products. They plant a tree 🌲 for every order 😍
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Branch Basics

Great ToxinFree all purpose cleaner. Save $10 with link below.

Static Cling / Wrinkle Releaser

I love this product and use it often. I also love how how eco-friendly they are.
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Fruit & Veggie Wash

I use this daily on all my fruits and veggies!
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Dish Soap

I’m in LOVE with this dish soap! It’s so incredibly thick and lathers so well

Glass Cleaner

Get 6 free refills with link below.

Foaming Hand Soap

ToxinFree, unscented & eco-friendly. A must have for every household.
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