Hey, nice to meet you!

Hey there! My name is Rachel. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many new people on here and I thought I’d take a minute to tell my story!

My fitness journey began during my last year of college. I gained weight (like most college kids). I was drinking, eating primarily ramen and peanut butter sandwiches and I was also dealing with some minor depression. I felt horrible inside and out.

Once I graduated I decided to take my fitness seriously. I spent an entire summer counting calories and exercising multiple times a day. I would even weigh myself 10+ times a day. I told myself this behavior was totally ok because I was still eating and I wasn’t 🤢 it up but looking back I can see how disordered it was. But it worked?! I lost 25 lbs and was the skinniest I’ve been in a long time (although over time I realized this was unsustainable).

I wound up being a health and fitness coach for 3.5 years and continued to struggle with yo yo dieting and the pressure to be perfect. It sucked the life out of me trying to pretend like I had it all together.

I gave up coaching in 2018 so I could focus on myself and I turned to
intuitive eating! I want to focus more on a healthy balance. I love the message of self love and that were meant for more than to spend our lives trying to lose those last 10 lbs. I want to feel beautiful in my skin without sacrificing my mental health. I believe this is such an important message to share and I hope you’ll follow me as I navigate the ropes of intuitive eating and body positivity! 💕