Business Opportunity

We are a 15 year old company called FM World UK. We create products, which can be shared and a lifestyle that will give you financial freedom. We create products you can trust. We offer a business model which lets you obtain financial freedom. We share knowledge and products; care for each other and other people, as well as for the environment we live in now and the future generations will enjoy. We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better; we promote the spirit of enterprise.

We are a company but within that company you have your own business that buy’s and sells products such as fragrances, make up, home products, and lots of other stuff. We buy them for a cost price and we sell them for an RRP. With that we make an instant profit that you make on every product you sell which is one way to get paid. The second way you get paid each month is when you buy products you earn points. Them points add up into a percentage and the percentage totals up your monthly back commission. So you get paid twice every month.

But you can qualify for bonus in your first three months, you can get a extra £1200 on top of what you’ve earned.

Within your first month you gain incentives. So on your first month they give you some products at a discounted price. So you earn more instant profit. Within the first month you can make £100 just on your incentives by selling 10 bottles of perfume & aftershaves.

Within this company they do car incentives. So when you reach a level they company will pay for a brand new car for you each month. More promotions you get after this the more your monthly car payment will go up! How amazing would it be to get a brand new car paid for by the company.

It doesn’t end there... the company do a holiday incentive, so they pay for a holiday every year for you. Each month you will qualify for this incentive and they pay for a 5* holiday for you to enjoy.

But the best thing about this business. You can have 12 accounts in your name. So you can get 12 of everything above!
• 12 lots of the monthly commission each month
• 12 lots of the bonuses each month
• 12 lots of the instant profit
• 12 cars paid for by the company
• qualify for the holiday faster

So just think if you earn £1000 on 12 accounts that £12,000 you’d earn a month.

Crazy I know.

You are probably thinking how can this be free to join & free to leave with no contracts. Without any catches, well there is no catches and believe me. It’s completely free. You can only make money from this business. You make money from no money!

All this from a FREE opportunity!!

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