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Let’s discuss what option would be best for you!


Purchase products at full price + pay for shipping. No commitments.


Pay a one time, lifetime VIP membership fee of $19.99. & enjoy all the perks:
•Get 15-40% off all products at all times + access to mega savings ➝ flash sales.
•$25 credit your birth month.
•Free product & free shipping on all flexship orders (an order $84+ in product, separate from flash sales).

Only requirement is to make 2 flexship orders following your enrollment - these orders can be placed at any time, push them back if you’ve still got product, push them forward if you want more!

•Market Partner•

2 options here!
Sign up as a Market Partner & earn, or simply save. That’s right, there are NO monthly requirements as a Market Partner. Plenty of people sign up simply for the larger discount (30-55% off all products, all the time + additional perks).

If you do choose to work, this business is where it’s at! Love helping others? You’re in the right place. Nothing feels better than helping someone love their hair or build a sustainable business that help puts food on the table or even more.

Market Partners enjoy a hefty discount along with tons of bonus opportunities, the Monat Motor club where you can earn a Cadillac, Range Rover or Jaguar, numerous all expenses paid trips you can qualify for & countless more benefits all made possible by the incredible family this company is. When I say family I mean it! From the kind, generous family that started this all to the fun, supportive, positive & like minded friends you meet through this that turn into family, the community is unmatched.