there is a free pfp if you scroll down or swipe!

my new cc is mee!

my old colouring tutorial!
- ultralight
go on edit and click the
triangle and do clarity -10 sharpen -10
and emphasize -3 and noise -10
then camera and do shadows 100 and sharpen 100 then go back on ultralight and go on presets and do nature 4
and then go on to prequel and go on effects and scroll down till you find cinema if it’s in ur favs just go in ur favs then go in the favs give cc to .chvrlscloset

I am holly!

this is my milkshake website we’re i do..

colourings font packs and more and just remember you are perfect and you only have one live so do what makes you happy!! <3 and I’ll also be doing 24FPS pictures with the ones I have

my name is holly and I love all followers —

even if they don’t support my idols!

i love you all and my new theme is under these texts and I always post positive stuff and nothing negative and I can do colouring tutorials and font packs I will do that tomorrow and if you didn’t know I am banned from posting until 20:25 tonight I think but here is my new theme! under this ily all!