- about my account -

why i started & more

i think i from the start always adored addison and her actions and thats kind of why you make a fanpage. it grew up and i met my loved ibf from it, so i am always thankful to everyone on my account and that i have the amour to own it! but iI forgot my password tho, so i can only post on it from my old phone, haha! and also i support black lives matter, asian lives matter, animals lives matter, muslim lives matter and more :) if you want to give me questions i will probably always answer because i love questions! i for the moment have 2 amazing ibf’s, “tiny.sunkinn” and “saraeful”. my name reveal will also come at 700 beautiful followers ;-)

obsession: watching netflix (the hunger games, the society, miraculous ladybug, alexa & katie) making drafts until later (sprrr i have over 30) making my account more modern and test different colourings and make own fonts while listening to addison’s new song ... AND I LOVE IT BRUH!

don’t like: the boiiiis, school, making good questions, ruining account with other vids and sleeping (like literally who do like that? ITS SO BORING-)

my fonts

fonts that i use!

hello! here is some fonts i recommend and use on my theme! the link to download to vont is down below! lol it looks like so much haha!

alone on earth
bebas regular
bodoni xt
candy beans
chasing embers
cheeky rabbit
cute icons
fairy tales
futurist fixed
garlic salt
grunge strokes
hanging letters
happy christmas
heart warming
heart warming (icons)
hello kitty
hello sunshine
hello doodle
hipster icons
hug me tight
internet friends
kg chasing cars
kg flavour and frames three
kg red hands
kg red hands outline
kind heart
kl cupid
lemon milk
louis george cafe
mermaid bold
moms diner
nature pro
peppa pig
pink chicken
pumpkin cheesecake
rainy hearts
refresh bonus
refresh regular
shoreline script
social media

random information

ok. first, i am really bored and for the other thing this won’t be short so please stay away if you’re in your lazy mood and please tell me if you readed my whole thing haha there will be bloopers n fun tho!!

hello! a normal day in my life is going to a swedish school in sweden. i talk some about miraculous (best show ever, we love plagg) with friends, talking bout this beautiful tv show with my bestie and waiting for my kitty to come! yes, i am getting another cat, (i have one called maja) and i am so exited for it!!! ill pick it up the day jesus dies and that’s a really bad thing but i am still really exited for it haha!

about myself then? yeah i just love animals simply more than anyone. they understand feelings much better than anyone different and crying into a horse chest is so calming. i ride horses and have been for like 4 years (and more) now. my mom shares the interest and also rides (she did it since she was 12). maybe we’ll get a own horse and that’s a big dream. but first we need to save up because it’s really expensive. also we are maybe going to a trip to USA after corona!! i live with my mom only and i will hold why private because it’s hard to tell and do so you’ll understand and it’s against some religions. by me i don’t believe really but i think that they are there up, jesus and god and that you really can get blessed. if you’d hate on me for that, leave.

things i enjoy: making edits even though they end up horrible, doing drafts so i can post for a while faster when i don’t have time to colour stuff, making themes and colourings, posting things on my leaked account, riding horses, being with animals, watching miraculous (im on season 3), simp for a blind boy named adrien agreste, being feminist, hanging out with friends, talk about miraculous, watching chloes “ridiculous” because she kills it, dress up at nights because i just love it, being home and chill, having breaks, fridays and the whole weekend, wow you’re still here lolz, play games, make new friends, look at addisons every move, finding rares, listening to obsessed, watch larray’s yt (addisons too), learning dances, come exactly the right time to school, draw stuff, get every right on a test, cheating if i don’t remembered IM ALREADY SORRY, ikeas meatballs YESSIR, having science and melting stuff, making websites as i do now look i am bored ...

i edit with funimate keyframes and my edits take up to 2-3 hours to make it’s about how tiered i am, umm yuh :) check my account on funimate it’s phonetunes haha! my edits look really bad but one of my idols of editing is ofc my loved ibf and raedailys. my editing style is like softie edits with slow shakes and that.

let’s talk miraculous bitches!!
favourite character: plagg ofc duh
favourite ship: adrienette duh
hate character: liela
and also this about kagami she’s so annoying but she’s ok. she doesn’t mean to hurt someone way to much but she wants adrien badly. i’d think she’s alright if she didn’t had to kill the adrinette ship like leave them alone and try to do something that smarties do? i’d ship her with ken or someone. chloe and queen bee is by the way amazing both of them!!! chloe is misunderstood and deserve her miraculous and part of the super heroes. ALYA IS ALSO SO UNDERRATED!!! she nearly offered herself to get in her ladyblog that’s a big sacrifice!!
btw i ship juleka n rose a lot

okay so idk what to call it but editing pages has been really angry because they’ve didn’t get the hype that they deserve but its not our faults and we are not worthless so please stop. also y’all are so great but dramatic. i work a lot on my videos. just saying :)

this isn’t a short thing but it still seems too short in my eyes ... come back soon to get some more shit about me 😬