welcome !

in this milkshake website, you will be seeing..

thank you note !
credits for all my things!
and my coloring !

thank you note <3

here is a little thank you note for everything :)

firstly, i wanted to say thank you SO SO much for 400 followers thats like so shocking. i would have never thought i would have gotten this far. i've made this account for fun and now that i've met most of y'all im so glad that i made this account because you guys are always there for me when no one in my life is. you guys are truly like family to me and you guys are literally the best thing that has happened to me. just wanted to let you know that i will be doing a half face reveal at 500 followers and a full face reveal at
1500. besides that, i'm just very thankful for you all and again, thank you so so so much for 400. i love you all!!!!

credits page :)

here are the credits for everything

for my theme ! ( isn't a theme
sticker !! ) - @dunkieswirls

for my coloring ! - @addspuffers

my coloring !!

here is my coloring tutorial !!

** ATTENTION, PLEASE READ THIS !! ** okay so before i tell you this coloring, if you are gonna use it, PLEASE do not give cc to me! this is not my coloring this is @dunkiespai. so again, do not give cc to me if you are gonna use this coloring. please and thank you !! <3

apps --- SNOW, 24FPS, Ultralight, Prequel, and Colourtone.

( optional ! )
first, go to the app SNOW and add the hearts filter. (if you do not know how or where it is, i made a tut )

secondly, go to 24FPS and select the filter TAK3 ON M3. (i don't have the code thing anymore, so sorry !)

next, go on Ultralight and do these adjustments!
clarity : -7
then go to the saturation section and put the pink one +10 and leave the other ones normal.

now, your gonna go to prequel and do these adjustments !
contrast : -25
highlights : +10
shadows : -100
blur (optional) - 50-100 (i do 50 !)
go to effects and press the dust effect and do these quick adjustments :
dust : 100
filter : 0
now, go to filters and press the boston filter and put the adjustment to 15-20 (i do 18)

lastly, your gonna go colourtone
and go to "collections" scroll sideways till u see "jasmine hand" and then press that and scroll sideways all the way down and press the one that says "marble" at 50-70 (i do 60).

and there is my coloring !!