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what you’ll find in my website!

- coloring tut
- font pack
- other fanpage accounts
- other socials
- bestys yt channel
- creds

dont press

coloring tut

tutorial for my current coloring!

apps you need: 24fps & prequel

• 24fps
- filter qr code - momoi
- just search 24fps momoi qr code and import it
• prequel
- effect - dust 100%
- dust filter - 50%
- filter - academia 15%
- adjust:
exp: -50
contrast: -50
highlights: -100
shadows: -100
sharpen: 35
glow: 25
blur: 35
- prequel intro - iris blur (this is optional if you dont want a blur at the start then you dont need to put it <3)

note: i didnt make this coloring, please dont credit me if you use it! proceed to the credits page to see who to credit ;)

u cant even press this

font pack

here is a font pack if you want to do my theme!

fonts i used for my theme:

sant joan (question)
winkle (wm)
cfparisoldstyle (title 1)
lamina (title 2)
sarmilla (other wm)
hipster icons (hat)
klcupid (heart arrow)

other fonts you might like:

rainy hearts (text)
butterflies (icons)
adelia (text)
fairy tales (icons)
louis george cafe (text)
milk (icons)
letters for learners (text)

note: you may download these fonts in the ones who don’t know how to do the box in my theme you can check out @charsviolas only available in ios tho :(

other fanpage accs

if you want you can check out my other fanpage accs!

search it up on tiktok <3
shared accs:

note: yes msgirlyavani & charslisense is me and me only ;)

curious much

my other socials

check out my other socials!

snap: manikatajonera/totesmanika
discord: manikaaa #9218
picsart: manikatajonera

note: i have others but i don’t want you to know them cuz my parents are gonna see it 😃😰 also im begging u dont look at my picsart lol its cringe


bestys yt channel

support my bffs yt channel!

check out my best friends youtube channel and subscribe maybe?

lovely aesthetic

check this out :0



coloring: @cutecharls
my theme: me

note: please cc (coloring credits) @cutecharls if you use her coloring and tc (theme credits) me if you use my theme! <3