You found my milkshake website!

Looks like you found my milkshake website! Read below

Hey guys! Here is my website. I help with my coloring tutorials,themes,fonts etc!
Go to the next page for a coloring tutorial!

Colouring tutorial

Here is my colouring tutorial

- insert the QR code for the filter momoi (on my page) on the app called ‘24FPS’

- then go onto prequel and press the tab ‘adjust’ put exposure -50 contrast -50
Highlights -100 shadows -100 sharpen 25
Glow 35 blur 35+ then go to ‘effects’ and put dust= filter 40 dust 50. Then export!

- add your texts to vont,video star,PicsArt etc(font pack next page)
Then after you add your texts
- go back into prequel and use the intro iris blur
- done!!!

Font pack<3

Here is a font pack:)

- kg red hands
- love
- letters for learners
- garlic salt extra
- autumn chant
- heart warming regular
-heart warming extra
- stanberry regular
- pink chicken regular
- cute icons
- kg red hands outline
- hug me tight
- barcode
- keep on truckin
- kind heart

Video ideas?

Ran out of video ideas lucky your here!

- if you could have 3 wishes what would they be?
- what is the police number in your country
-make a rainbow with your recent emojis
- who was your first idol
- has your idol ever been in a movie / film?
- what do you want to be when you grow up