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Frequently asked questions:
Q :: What fonts do you use?
A :: I use: Letters for learners , love , betterfly and garlic salt !

Q :: How do you do your coloring?
A :: The coloring tut will be on the next page but I’ve also made a video on it, it’s my 5th video !

Q :: How do you gain so fast?
A :: I usually use hashtags like #viral so that my vids blow up and I get followers! I don’t use gaintrains too much cause u don’t get a lot of actives .

Q :: When did you start?
A :: I started on the 5th of match 2021 :)

External link

Coloring tut!

A lot of ppl ask for a coloring tut so here it is! The picture above shows what the final result looks like

Here’s the tut:
1. App :: 24fps
Scan the code in the pic and then use it and save it

2. App :: Prequel
Effect: Long Beach 1: 30%
Filter: Dust: dust 50%, filter 20%
Exposure -20
Contrast -50
Highlights 5
Shadows -70 (or you choose)
Blur (you choose but I do 50)

24fps qr code

Scan this, if you have trouble then watch a tutorial

Idk :)

I hope you have a good day and yeah ! Please give creds if you use my ideas or coloring and give creds to @addscollage if you use the theme 🤍

Rares of your idols!

Rares of your idols, if you don’t see yours here then ask me to add some !

Addi rare

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