Adia R. Louden, MPH

Writer. Researcher. Storyteller. Soul Searcher.

The Creator of Dialosophy and a bold content writer for 5+ years, Adia leverages her passion for data and public health with research and telling stories to advance health, gender equity, and health outcomes for women. Adia specializes in writing content for vulnerable populations of women. At the heart, she’s a black woman with a whole LOT of heart. Adia longs to use her pen for advocacy and to put a voice for women's stories. Tell her how you choose to advocate for caged birds, and she’ll write why they sing. Give her your ideas, and she’ll convert them into a masterpiece.

My Top Picks

Books. Wellness. Self-Care.

Recommendation #1

In “Moth to A Flame” by Ashley Antoinette, in the little city of Flint, MI, the good die young and the people left standing are the grimiest of characters. In this read, Ashley Antoinette doesn’t just paint your typical “urban street fiction”. She eloquently writes the many stories some of us know too well- undeniable love, pain, trauma, violence, and most importantly....unpacking.

Recommendation #2

My current (oily) skin’s complete game-changer. Urban Skin Rx is holy grail and can be found online or at your local Target or Ulta.

Recommendation #3

Never pay for high-priced prescription glasses again. Zenni Optical has all the affordable and stylish prescription lens and frames you could ever need.

Recommendation #4

“Doing the work” is hard. Especially when you’re so used to working in OTHER ways. Performing. Achievement. High-Functioning Anxiety. People-pleasing. If you’re in need of a boundaries Bible and a more RELATABLE boundaries you are sis. Nedra will break you open in so many ways with this one...and in the best way possible.

Recommendation #5

Self-care doesn’t always have to be fancy dinners and luxury bags. Self-care should be accessible to everyone. Here’s an under $10 pick. A DIY face scrub that’ll leave you glowing and made with just two ingredients: brown sugar and one (or more) of your favorite oils.