Adi Shrestha | Affiliate Marketer | Coach

Who Am I

G’day, Hi, I am Adi Shrestha.

I'm a guide for affiliate marketers/ online business owners and I help people make their first 5k selling High Ticket products online and provide them with strategies to scale beyond 5k with proven business model.

I've been doing online business for the past years, and here is my short story:

I was an international student in Australia, always struggling to pay uni fees, food and accomodation and on top i have to send to my parents for the loan repayment that i took for my study. I was doing all sort of jobs, kitchen, cleaning, warehouse and many more but still struggling to pay for bills.
After getting married it was getting better but got baby on the way and covid hit and my partner lost job and so do my parents so again i have to look two houses and i started doing 2 jobs so i can afford all bills and send money to my parents in Nepal.

After my daughter was born i was still working 2 jobs and i felt like i am missing something and thats to enjoy my daughter childhood, to capture every moment of her then i started to look for alternative source, although i was doing some cryptos and stocks but for that need big investment which i didnot have.

So finally came to know about online marketing but which sector where need less investment and less time, as i couldnot risk loosing job at that time. Then i came to know about Affiliate marketing from instagram and did research and yes started without second thought and invested on myself for training programs.

Since then I have helped my clients to sart the journey and guide through the program with the tools and strategies.

I started my online journey building funnels and selling products on Clickbank and paid ads to promote links so I could make sales, but it only left me broke and depressed. I realized that
following the "Gurus" advice on youtube and videos was getting me nowhere and I eventually learned that it's not that the funnel didn't work. It's just that I got started in the wrong place.

I then came across High Ticket Organic Marketing and all of a sudden, my business switched. I started bringing in sales and Plus, I did all this without spending a penny to run my business
with sales & I finally had HOPE again.

Now. I guide other online business newbie how to make their first 5k with Organic Strategies, Master Closing Techniques, and the Proven System I developed from the Hard-Earned Lessons of my own failure.

If you wanna join on my Ship to sail across this journey and share beautiful memories of earning and learning, Message me on Facebook Messenger.