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A warm welcome 🤗…

A warm welcome…

We are J and Ruby, true divine twin flames in physical union. We have been married for 10+ years and we have a little family of our own.

Our primary mission is helping twin flames understand your respective journeys but we also support all advanced souls including indigos, starseeds, lightworkers and sensitive souls, irrespective of whether you are on a twin flame path.

We are to support you whether you want to focus on relationship issues, healing, chakras clearing and balancing, cord of attachment cutting or understanding how various energies and dark witchcraft negatively impact your spiritual journey.

We want to provide you with the tools, guidance and support you need to move out of struggle and into a place of bliss, healing, peace, transformation, spiritual mastery and union. Together we use our years of spiritual knowledge, experience and healing modalities to assist in clearing a pathway between you and your twin flame.

Most of us have forgotten who we are and what agreements we came to earth to fulfill. If you have met or want to meet your divine partner in this lifetime and come into Union or accept their choices with unconditional love, we can help guide you.

On a soul level, twin flames uphold unconditional love for one another, but to create a space for true love to blossom we need to clear away the noise and debris of past life situations. Many twin flames are caught in a triangle with one of them holding on to an unrighteous soul and karmic agreements that need to be cleared. However, free will always takes precedence. Helping to awaken your twin flame can cause great shifts in your Union.

The twin flame relationship is not always lovey dovey, as there could be dark forces (karmics, entities, black magic, witchcraft etc) involved determined to stop Union at all cost. As a Divine Feminine Which is only an energy, you could be a male but a Divine Feminine) it is your responsibility to make sure your Divine Masculine is cleared of any blockages or darkness. The Divine Feminie leads their Divine Masculine home. Their home where they both belong in unconditional love, trust and faith.

If you would like guidance or support please choose the service that suits you best and we will connect with you and your twin flame’s higher selves to create a space for your greatest lo ve to come forward with love and protection.

With unconditional love and blessings,

Twin Flames Services

🔥Twin Flame Telepathy and Cord Clearing
🔥Twin Flame Full Energy Clearing
🔥Twin Flame Dark Removal

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Spiritual Healing Services

1. Twin Flame Telepathy Clearing

We will remotely clear Your Third Eye Chakra, negative thoughts implants and cleanse your telepathy cord(energy cord) with your twin flame. This will help you communicate with your twin flame in the 5D. This clearing will remove all obstacles in the way for clear telepathy to be experienced.

After clearing your telepathic connection with your twin flame, you will start having:
• Clear telepathic connection/communication
• Build better connection with your divine counterpart
• Bring you closer and building your bond
• Working Third Eye Chakra
• Develop your psychic skills

Add to cart - £20.00

2. Twin Flame Cord Clearing

We will clear blockages, debris,negativity and parasites and wraiths that’s feeding on the cord that connects you to your twin flame or your soulmate.

Have you ever felt like you can’t feel your counterpart or cannot connect to their heart space?
This is because the cord needs clearing, the parasites and debris on your cord is blocking connection and dimming your connection. If your 5D is lacking then your 3D will definitely suffer hence you don’t feel the connection.

By clearing your cord that connects you to your twin flame, you will start having:
• better 5D connection/communication
• 3D communication may happen
• Heart chakra cleared
• Clear blockages
• Clear pathway to union
• Clear negative energies
• You will help your twin flame awaken

Add to cart- £20.00

3. Twin Flame Connection Clearing with Healing and Protection

Here we’ve combined the Twin Flame Cord Clearing and the Twin Flame Telepathy Clearing into Twin Flame Connection Clearing at a discounted price for both clearing.

We will clear blockages, debris,negativity and parasites that’s feeding on the cord and Heart Chakra that connects you to your twin flame and we will clear your Third Eye Chakra to enable better telepathic connection.

We clear the cord that connects you to your twin flame- your heart space or your heart chakra. Sometimes we have parasites that eats up the cord to drain our energy or dim the connection. 5D is very important on the Twin Flame journey.
All session and connection are done remotely.

We will clear yours and your TF third eye chakra and strengthen your telepathic connection resulting in better 5D connection, if you are sending messages to your TF throughout the day in 5D, they will receive them and the connection between you will strengthen.
This is important on this journey.

Add to cart- £47.00

4. Twin Flame Energy Clearing Full Package

Twin Flame Full Energy Package 📦
(Two people)
In this session we will perform the clearing for you and your twin flame. This session is done remotely. You may or may not feel the clearing and healing.

This Session includes the following for both twin flames:
🔥 Body Energy Cleansing
🔥 Chakras Cleansing, Balancing And Aligning
🔥 Negative Cords Of Attachment Removal
🔥 Twin Flames Connection Clearing
🔥 EMF, Radiation, Mind Control, Implants Removal
🔥 Dark Magic, Spells, blockages, Curses, Witchcraft Removal (we do not practice any kind of magic or entertain it)
🔥 Protection

Add to cart- £144.00

5. Twin Flame Dark Magic, Witchcraft, Spells Removal

We will clear you and/or your twin flame of dark entities, demons or negative energies, witchcraft, curses, implants and spells. Your cord with your twin flame will be cleansed too.

Dark stops and delays twin flames union, and they will stop at no cost to prevent union. Dark is not always responsible but can be. It is up to you to clear and protect your twin if you’re aware of it. A lot of people refuse to do so because they think it is not their responsibility to clear and protect their twin. These people think from a 3D perspective and don’t try to find out why they are in separation or what could be affecting their union or relationship. Some twins flames aren’t aware of 5D and telepathy and they aren’t sure how to connect or sometimes the connection isn’t there because a clearing is needed. Reach out if you have any questions before purchasing.

We can do this session for one twin or both twins. Click on book now to choose for one or two people.

Add to cart from £30

Spiritual Healing Services

🌺Cord Cutting
🌸Violet Flame Healing
🌼Soul Contract Removal
🌻Dark Magic Removal
🌹Chakras Cleansing
🌷Protection Shield
🌳House Cleansing and Blessing
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Cord Cutting- To release Emotional Attachments

Cord Cutting

Do you ever feel uncomfortable around someone for no reason?
Have you felt uncomfortable around a person following a stressful event and although you forgive them, you still feel awkward?
Do you ever feel a person connected to you?

When we have negative feelings and have anger towards someone else( which we do since we’re human) we can create that negative cord. These cords can drain us and harm our health.
These cords can be really old and new ones can be added on a daily basis (unknowingly and unconsciously) to get the energy thus draining yours. We need to cut those.

Clearing negative cords does NOT mean clearing the person from your life. It is up to you who you allow in your life. This mean you are a cutting a cord that is a bridge for negative energies to move back and forth and draining you.

What Are Cords?
Cords of attachment are energetic ties which are created between two people, or between a person and an institution, object, or past situation which remains in the present.

Energetic cords are attached when there are any dense feelings or emotions like fear, worry, anger, or negativity in an interaction.
These cords then have a way of keeping those attached in a holding pattern, where the past challenges continue to repeat into the present. Cords of attachment bring old feelings into new interactions, and can leave those who have them attached feeling frustrated, tired, drained, irritated and stuck.
Cords of attachment are different than spiritual ties, which are created through beautiful energetic encounters with others. Spiritual ties strengthen your connection with those you love and care about. They are the residue of beautiful energetic exchanges which serve you and serve the other, and they shine with love, compassion, and joy while cords of attachment contain energetic patterns which are disruptive, painful, limiting and dense.
I mention this because there is some mis-information floating around the web that cords can actually be beneficial… So you might worry about damaging your relationships by cutting them, and let cords remain. But really, there is a big difference energetically between cords of attachment and spiritual ties which serve.
Don't worry about cutting spiritual ties with others, because they serve and uplift, and they can't be cut. They're pure light so a sword of light just glides right through. Spiritual ties shine with love and light, and are accumulated over your many lifetimes and positive uplifting interactions. They are the connections which make someone new you meet seem like you've known them forever, and they help you to deepen and expand your loving relationships with others.
Cords of attachment on the other hand, are dense. They vibrate energetically in alignment with your past challenges and they bring this density into your present to repeat patterns you'd be better off releasing and moving beyond. Attachment cords keep old pain active, they tie you to past challenges, and they keep old arguments and tensions alive and on repeat. The good news is, cords can be cut, pulled out, and dissolved into the light of the divine.

Why Cut Cords?

If you start a new relationship without cutting the cords to your past loves, it's every likely the same past patterns will quickly repeat, because through the cords which are attached the problems and challenges from your past are energetically still very present. The same is true with cords to your parents… Without cutting them, past feelings from your childhood of inferiority, guilt, etc. will repeat in your life now when there is really no need for them to do so.
Cutting cords of attachment can help you to heal, to move on, to release the past and step into your power and into new possibility for loving interactions. When cords are cut you're opened up to having beautiful high vibrational interactions with others, centered in love and joy which then create beneficial spiritual ties shining brightly between you and uplifting all involved. Cutting cords can help heal your relationship with someone, or to help you completely cut all ties, so that you can both move on.
Cords of attachment can be created between more than just people. Cords become attached to your energy when fear or judgement are present, and the cord then allows toxic and dense energy to flow between you and whatever initially triggered the negative reaction.
Cords can become tied between you and other people yes, but also between you and a substance in the case of addictions, or between your energy and the energy of a past life or present challenging situation.
Cords of attachment manifest when your relationship with anyone or anything is out of balance. They remain present until cut, and many people actually have past life cords they've been carrying with them energetically for lifetimes.
If you're quite empathic, compassionate, and sensitive, you may even pick up small cords from strangers in passing as you subconsciously attempt to uplift them. Cut the cords! You're much more effective uplifting others in love and light rather than taking on their pain and density, so become aware of your pattern, and with awareness you can shift it.

So What Is Cord Cutting?
Cutting cords is the energetic process of cutting negative and fear based attachments from your life experience to prevent them from continuing to block your energy, vitality and well-being.
When you cut and release a cord into the light, you're no longer energetically engaged with that pattern of negativity. Your perspective is immediately uplifted, and you're able to more easily see the silver lining and blessings through awareness in the present moment.
When you cut the cords between you and another, consciously or unconsciously, they will feel it too, and may even reach out and contact you. If this is the case, establish boundaries, surround yourself with love and light and stand up for yourself so the cords don't just reattach themselves.

Energy vampires are real! Have you ever met someone who was draining to be around?
Especially when you're sensitive energetically, you're likely to encounter energy vampires who are consciously or unconsciously draining your energy via energetic cords.
If you're not familiar with cords, they are an energetic form of attachment. Energy cords can get tied to the energy of another person, situation, or even a place that will drain you. This is usually what's going on if you feel very drained around certain people.
When you feel emotionally, mentally, or even physically drained around certain people, chances are, those people are attaching energetic cords.
This isn’t always conscious. In fact, in most cases, people who are energy vampires aren’t even aware of it. It's not malicious, but it does negatively affect your vibration. It’s not something you want to allow.
Energy Connections: The Good and the Bad
When energy vampires are draining energy from you in a cord, they're getting energy from you rather than directly from Source, from the Divine, and it’s not serving them as well. However you look at it, cutting cords is beneficial.
There are positive energetic connections between people. This isn't what we’re talking about here. When I say cords, I always mean negative draining attachments. They look like these gnarly ropes or chains when I see them clairvoyantly.
You don't need to worry about inadvertently cutting positive connections with people because those energetic connections are beautiful golden high vibrational lights. If your connection is heart centered and is filled with love, joy, positivity, and if it’s serving, then it's not going to be cut with this process. This works to cut lower vibrational cords that do not serve, energy vampires that are not in alignment with your highest interest.

One of the most self-loving things you can do for yourself is to cut the cords that are draining you and call back your power. You can only create true positive change when you are standing in your love, light, and joy. Holding a positive vibrational state is also standing in your power and protecting yourself from being vulnerable from to all the negative energies that want to bring you down to their level.

In this session we will cut all negative cords of attachment found in your solar plexus chakra.

Add to cart- £15

The Violet Flame Healing and Healing with an Archangel

The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy, the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit, that appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision.

The violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us and changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for our healing.
The violet flame is the purest of all healing and has the highest frequency.

In this session we will connect with you and send healing energy to either:
Your full body
A specific area of your body
Focus on one chakra and send healing

Add to cart- £10

Cancel a Soul Contract

A contract is an unauthorised agreement placed upon you by low vibrational beings. These agreements are negative and cause problems in your day to day life( love, finances, family life,health etc). Soul contract can be good and bad. We will remove the dark soul contract to relieve you of darkness.
The contract will be severed and it will end in this lifetime and others.

Add to cart- £25

Dark Magic, Witchcraft and Spells Removal with Healing and Protection

Do you feel like you're stuck in areas of your life sometimes? Examples could be financially, or you have blocks, or sometimes you feel like your energy is down or you constantly have issues at work, with colleagues etc.

In this session we will clear your energy field and physical self from any dark beings, entities, witchcraft and black magic, curses or anything dark that is not in your best and highest good.

Add to cart- £45

Chakras Cleansing and Balancing with Hooks And Cords Removal

Each chakra has its own name and color vibration, and regions of the body that they influence. Our thoughts and emotions impact the chakras and likewise a blockage in one or more chakra can have an impact on how we feel and what we think.
In order to cleanse your chakras, you have to know a little bit about them.

Understanding the 7 Chakras

The Chakras Governing the Physical Body

Root Chakra
This chakra relates to where you get your sense of belonging from.  Your ability to feel secure, to feel that you can survive and you have a solid foundation to rely on all stem from the energy in this chakra.  Located at the base of your spine, when the root chakra is open you feel stable, secure, safe, and fearless. Some of the emotional stressors that block the root chakra include financial stress, worry about food or eating habits, and discord within the family. Its color is red.

Sacral Chakra
This chakra relates to your relationships and how you respond to others and new experiences. It’s located just below your navel; the sacral chakra is the center of your creativity and sexuality. When it’s open, your creative expression is at its highest and you integrate new experiences easily. You have a strong sense of well-being and pleasure.  A major stressor that tends to block this chakra is when we live with a belief in scarcity. Its color is orange.

Solar Plexus Chakra
This chakra relates to your confidence and your sense of control in life. In short, it’s your source of personal power. The solar plexus is the area just under the rib cage and when this chakra is open you have a strong sense of worthiness and self-esteem.  The voice of your negative inner critic is this chakras worst enemy. Its color is yellow.

The Link between the Physical and the Spiritual

Heart Chakra
This chakra relates to your ability to love. Its physically located in the center of the seven chakras and part of its purpose is to link the more physical lower chakras with the upper three that deal primary with spirit. It is both physical and spiritual and is your source of connection and love. Located just above the heart, when it is open you feel great joy and peace.  When you are grieving, depressed, or feeling alone, the heart chakra is likely to be blocked.  Its color is green.
When the first four chakras are open and flowing, it is much easier to open the last three more fully – thus connecting to your fullest potential.

The Chakras Governing the Spiritual Body

Throat Chakra
This chakra is connected to your ability to communicate and to listen. Located in the throat area, when this chakra is open you’re able to speak your highest truth and honesty comes easily.  If you find that you’re frequently in situations where you can’t speak up for yourself or be honest with yourself or others, the throat chakra is likely being impacted.  Its color is blue.

Third Eye Chakra
This chakra relates to being able to see the big picture and focus. It is the center of your intuitive self.  The more you listen to your intuition the more this chakra will open and the more intuitive sensations you’ll receive; a wonderful cycle of flow within your life.  Located between the eyebrows, when the third eye chakra is open grace, wisdom, and imagination are all strong with you.  Stressors that influence this chakra include feeling stuck and unable to make life decisions, and not trusting yourself. Its color is indigo.

Crown Chakra
This chakra relates to your connection to spirit, to God. It is the chakra of enlightenment and when fully open your sense of connection to your higher self and the Divine is strong and guides your life effortlessly.  It’s located at the very top of your head and stressors that impact the crown chakra include feelings of isolation and not being able to find the good in situations. Its color is violet, almost white.


Your chakras open and close regularly.  More stable than your moods, but similar affected by events in your daily life.  Illness can result when one or more of your chakras remains closed for a prolonged period of time.  Chakra work is emotional work.
When your thoughts and emotions are habituated toward the negative, your chakras will close and life will not flow as easily.
For body/mind/spirit integration and a feeling of wholeness or peace, it’s important to keep energy flowing – in your life and in your body.
It’s so important to bring your awareness to your physical body on a regular basis.  If you can, spend five minutes a day to do a quick body scan.  Where are you feeling pain? What are you feeling emotionally? What have you been thinking about?  The answers to these questions will tell you which chakra needs attention.
Then, spend time visualizing the affected chakra. You can imagine it as a wheel or disk, spinning smoothly and perfectly in the appropriate area of the body, or as an orb of light brightly glowing within. You can imagine the gunk that’s blocking a chakra spinning out and releasing so that it’s color begins to glow brighter, stronger, and more radiantly than before.  Even just two minutes a day will make a big difference in how life moves through you and how you move through life.

Chakra myth:  no one has 100% clear open chakras 100% of the time.  Our aim is not an unrealistic perfection.  Our chakras open and close constantly, largely in response to external stimulus. It’s natural and therefore important not to become fixated on whether or not one or more chakras are closed.
The problem comes when we let our environment, thought and emotion patterns, habits, and beliefs muddy our energy system.  Holding on to negative feelings, regularly eating bad foods, and constantly judging others are just a few of the ways that our chakra system gets clogged.  Chronic clogging then leads to disease.
You can see why cleansing your chakras is an important self-healing practice.

Benefits of chakra cleansing are numerous:
* Increases intuitive ability
* Decrease depression
* Increase a sense of lightness and harmony
* Eliminate headaches or any physical manifestation of energy stagnation
* Strengthen your aura

In this session we will open, cleanse, balance and align your 7 main chakras and cut all hooks and cords attached to them. Healing and protection will be added after.

Add to cart- £38

Healing and Protection

This service apply to anyone who would like a healing in any area of their life.
The healing and protection will last for 15 days.
We will remotely connect with you or your loved ones to send healing in any area of your/their life, it could be:
• Financial
• Pain
• Illness
• Or any medical condition

The healing won’t stop illness or cure medical condition but it will ease the pain and give you relief.

We work with Holy Archangels, the violet flame and other elements that we get in our meditation while connecting with our clients.

Add to cart- £20

Tarot and Oracle Cards Reading Services

We are intuitive readers. We will do an intuitive reading based on your questions and situation. Questions could be about career, love or relationships or any other concern but no medical or legal advice.

We require your name, photo and a description of your situation so that we can seek answers and guidance based on your situation.

Questions about pregnancy, health, or if he/she is my twin flame will not be answered. We do not offer legal or medical advice in our reading.

Time frames can’t be accurately predicted because of our free will. No spiritualist, clairvoyant or psychic is ever 100% accurate with any reading. Although many readers (including us) can get visions and messages of special random times and events that may occur.

The future is part of our destiny,
We are given choices with our existing situations and under certain circumstances they are subject to change(freewill). If you choose another path, nothing is marked in stone.

Psychic and spiritual readings are not given to tell you what to do but spiritually guide you. Psychic, Soulmate or Twin flames readings are meant to help you make the choices and find your true life path. It is up to you to make choices and decisions.

Psychic Soulmate and energy readings help empower and inspire. We give the information and receive messages from our spirit guides/divine team as they are given to be given to you. From the best of our psychic spiritual gifts and abilities, we will give you the insight that is useful to make your own decisions spiritually.
Tools (Tarot, oracles cards, crystals)
We use spiritual tools along with asking our guides to help everyone for the highest good, to achieve their goals and for the truth to be uncovered.

Please Note: Finance related questions are not our specialties. We can pick up energy around the work area and help you make decisions for a prosperous future.

Tarot Readings

☀️ General Reading
🌞 Love Reading including twin flame reading
⛅️ Career guidance

❌ No health
❌ No twin flame validation: we do not use cards to validate a twin flame connection. That’s cheating and not possible. When readers do this they unknowingly put their clients on a twin flame journey that’s not even theirs and it confuses the hell out of those clients who in fact can move on in life instead of waiting for a twin flame ghost who will never come.
We can pick energies around the connection or it can come strong that you are a twin flame but it still doesn’t validate that you are a twin flame. So no question if he/she is my twin flame please.

Book Now £15

5 Yes/No Questions

In this reading session, we will pulled cards to answer your Yes/No questions.

5 Question only please. We may have about 50 words per questions for you along with a yes or no

Book Now £10

Telepathic Messages From Your Twin Flame/Soulmate

What are their thoughts? Would you like to know if your counterpart has any messages for you?

We will connect with you and your counterpart and we will pull 5-6 self explanatory cards.

If we channel any other messages, we will include them in the delivery report.

Book Now £5.55

Higher Self Alignment Oracle Spread

To help you on your journey, here is an oracle spread to explore your higher self.

In this spread we will connect with you and pull out 4 cards:
Card 1 Misalignment
Card 2 Guidance
Card 3 Purpose
Card 4 Self Honour

Using oracle spreads we can clarify what we want, what blocks we must work through, what strengths we should lean into, and what steps to take.

Book your Reading £8.88

Ruby’s Corner

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