- 23 yr old entrepreneur, beauty guru who loves all things health, hair/skin, confidence dealer -

You made it this far which makes me so happy!

Have you ever felt lost or stuck in life and did not know a way to get yourself out and unstuck?

Well, that’s where I was too before saying yes. I built this business off of the belief that I could stop continuing to use my pain as an excuse and rather, choose do something about it and turn it into my purpose and let it fuel me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

5 months ago I started scared but was willing to take action because I was in need of change. I felt like I was loosing myself more and more each day especially after a close to death experience during a car accident in 2019. I got sick & tired of living pay to pay, jobless month to month & crying 24/7 from stress, anxiety and addictive habits. I told myself, “this can’t be it, this can’t be all I was meant to do in this life.” I was looking for a more positive environment with like minded people around me. Through the power of divine timing, a friend reached out via Instagram and told me about this opportunity that would forever change my life, as well as me as a person. Through this, I have found purpose, passion, & fulfillment in helping others transform into the best versions of themselves while also gaining back my self-confidence.

I started focusing on being 1% better each day. I decided to grab life by it’s horns and make a beautiful life for myself and help others start their journey too. SLAP THAT SH*T IN 4 WHEEL DRIVE!!! This could be your vehicle to all the things you imagined for yourself. I know this is mine. My vehicle to becoming a millionaire, buying a house, buying my mom a house and never having to build someone else’s dream but MINE. Doesn’t that sound like something YOU want too???

Sharing my beauty knowledge as full time aesthetician has been a passion of mine for as long as I could remember and I am so grateful to be able to do that with the fastest growing beauty brand in the industry.

Let me help you leverage your social media so you can make an income from your phone and become successful with me.

• pay off credit card debt you’re drowning in
• help move into a new place
• help you break away from the cycle
• cut back on hours
• be your own boss
• travel when you want
• pay for gas, grocery bill, phone bill, ANYTHING!

Network marketing is the new wave, ladies and gents. WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

- A ✨