Hi! Lovely to meet you šŸ’•

Iā€™m a mum of one cheeky little 3 yr old boy. Our little family moved to Noosa from Brisbane over a year a go. I was a full time instructor for about 10yrs, and now I juggle teaching with part-time work.

When I meet people in person and they find out I'm a fitness instructor, they immediately start to talk about exercise -mostly how they've fallen off the wagon and for some reason think I'm judging it - for the record I am not.

The funny thing is...I'm actually not a fitness fanatic!ā  Well more accurately I'm a recovering fitness fanatic.
ā ā €
I love anything and everything when it comes to health and wellness. I read nonstop, listen to podcasts, take courses and continually pursue ongoing education in all things related to Barre, Pilates, mindset and well-being. ā ā €
ā ā €
But I am not obsessed with fitness! I don't go to the gym, I don't drink pre-workout shakes or post-workout potions, and fitness isn't my top priority.ā ā € My top priority is keeping my anxiety and overwhelm in check while at the same time fuelling my confidence and courage for all the things. ā ā €

I care more about feeling good inside and out.

I care about health as whole - so that includes exercise but it also includes sleep, stress management, nourishing food, and healthy relationships. ā ā €
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I love Barre and Pilates. I love the way a good workout makes me feel, but I'm not your typical fitness pro who obsesses over workouts day in and day out. ā ā €
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I was that kind of person, but now with my young family my main focus is filling my cup so that they get a part of me, not what's left of me.ā ā € ā ā €

You can pursue living a healthy life, building strength and improving your well-being however you like.