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I’m Adrienne + I do good words.

my work on earth is to become a worthy ancestor — to step into and embody a fervent devotion to a self so excellent that her name will be spoken by her people for generations; to be a beacon of love and healing and joy that unbridles her lineage of the psychic and worldly sufferings that wound and oppress them.

I’m about authenticity, justice, and expansion; such is my mothering and my art and my being. I’m dropping poetic prose and curated content to knock your socks off and mend them later,

so yeah, I’m not your mama’s it girl.

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on Tuesdays, we read poems.

in celebration of Water: The Agony & Ecstasy of the Black Experience, I read new poems in progress and spoke with curators about legacy, audacity, and tenderness.

an evening with Adrienne Oliver


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we help you remember so that you won’t forget.

NOW, NOW SCHOOL is an online membership community that is soul school for all humans and human school for all souls. our classes use mindfulness, embodiment, nature, and arts-integrated practices to help you reconnect compassionately with self, one another, and our communities. we are a member-supported collective.

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our members receive free access to all classes, workshops, forums, community calls, and content. with monthly payment plans, bundled options, and scholarships for BIPOC + trans/non-binary folks, there are options to ensure access for all.

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not for nothing, the world is on fire and injustices reign. it feels harder and harder to hold true joy, compassion, and love at the center of our being even while the demand for these proves vital. you’ve got questions, we’ve got hope, and that’s where YOU’RE WELCOME* comes in! through dialogue, advice, and the power of belly laughs, these friends are here for everything, including your letters! like a soul party for your seeking heart, this is human school for all beings allergic to small talk. it’s ok if you’ve forgotten the way. *this is the place to remember.

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it’s #campnownow, kids, so pack your bags.

you ever feel tired? tired of the pressure to always be moving forward? tired of the fight? you ever just want to go home? to return to yourself?

yeah, us too.

we believe in the revolution AND we believe we gotta rest so that we can do the damn thing. the word radical, it comes from the word root. and sometimes we gotta water those roots so that we can grow stronger.

let's be radical.

retreeeeat is rest. retreeeeat is radical.

let's rest, return, and get radical TOGETHER.

August 12-25, 2021 at The Mountain in Asheville, NC

[covid guidelines + refunds provided; details on the website]

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