About Me

Licensed Massage Therapist | Holistic Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Our bodies are our homes and we are their caretakers . . .  and sometimes this care looks like tearing down and examining all the limiting beliefs, restrictions, and systems that are in place, in order to reconstruct ourselves from the ground up. The time is now, to feel empowered in your wellbeing so you can show up more vibrantly in your life.

With 4 years of experience as a wellness professional and a lifetime of self discovery, I have gained a lot of insight into the disharmony that can occur when life and wellness are at odds. I aim to create a holistic lifestyle that allows me to live in alignment with my authentic self, a lifestyle that is sustainable and balanced, and to share this journey with you. I hope to inspire and encourage as I continue to remind myself in this journey of reconstructed wellness that life is never simple, but that doesn’t mean that a resolution in health & wellness can’t be.


When you are getting yourself in regularly for your massage, you are becoming more in tune with your body, strengthening a powerful mind & body connection.

I focus on long term goals, curating every one of my sessions to help bring clients more long-term mental and physical relief, and educate them on how to make the benefits of their massage last. Specializing in fluid therapeutic work combined with targeted stretching and structural bodywork, I create a dynamic customized session for every one of my clients. I bring awareness to anatomical structure and hone in on specific issues that have been causing overall problems, listening and working intuitively to gauge pressure and problem areas with ease. Let’s work together to strengthen your mind & body connection, improving your wellness both physically and mentally!