A Helping Hand

what do you need help on? any advice and nothing is to “embarrassing”! <3

this space was created to be safe all genders and sexuality’s are welcome because I believe we all go through our own struggles. if I don’t reply to you here or your not comfortable you can always message me on tiktok @bannanacross and remember nothing is too embarrassing love you and have an amazing day.

How to deal with a bully or bullies?

hey and I hope you are doing okay. today’s topic is to deal with a bully. bully means to continuously pick on someone who may be different or unable to stand up for themselves. I’ll give you advice and the not the “just stand up to them it’s not a big deal” advice because everyones bully is different. I will be telling you multiple ways you could solve the situation. the first one is tell a parent I know this is one of the most annoying thing you may here but believe me if you told a trusted adult you WILL get the bully will get the appropriate sanction needed to ensure it will never happen again. More ideas will be showed on this PowerPoint provided my milkshake I do my research to make sure I am telling the correct information that will help you if you are in or ever in that situation and is known before hand before the situation escalates.

feeling uncomfortable?

the topic I will be describing is a very sad and serious topic. if you are being pressured by someone online and even someone you know the following online services that can help are the following below:

United Kingdom:


United States:


I have never experienced sexual assault but I will try my best to research and help with the situation you may be facing at the moment and if you would like to talk about something it will not be shared with anyone but me. as I have said before I will try my very best to help and support you through the difficult time you may be going through now or before.

body positivity

body positivity is when you accept they way your body is formed to even your race and much more features you may have on your body like scars and much more. many people struggle to accept themselves and try dangerous acts to fix them today I will be helping you to become body positive. you may be body positive but maybe want to lose weight for your heaths sake so I would be posting links to food diets and exercises so we can go through this journey together because I myself struggle with accepting myself. but before we start you have to convince yourself that you are beautiful and you don’t even need to convince yourself beautiful you are already beautiful. maybe the way you have been affected is due to being told that you are not “pretty enough” or you are “not my type” so may begin to doubt yourself and this applies to all genders.
I will be posting weekly information that I have researched and tips!