Hey y’all! I’m Amy!

Have you ever wanted more? More money? More time with your family? More travel? More time at home? More freedom?

That was me just a few short months ago. Wishing I could bring in more income without sacrificing any more time with my family. Wanting to find a way to pay off debt without being an absentee parent and wife. And y’all, that debt was crippling.

You see, I am a Type 1 Diabetic who was diagnosed with PCOS and infertility in 2018. I went through fertility treatments to get pregnant with my daughter Avery, who was born prematurely and spent time in the NICU. After she was born, I was hit with 2 oral surgeries - waiting to have my 3rd - that were totally unexpected. I also found out after my second surgery that I need orthodontic work after my 3rd surgery due to bite issues. THEN COVID! My husband (also a nurse) took a pay cut, and my hours were cut in half! We were basically drowning in debt despite working 2 full-time nursing jobs.
I was determined to find an answer, but I refused to miss out on any more of Avery’s life!

Then I was introduced to network marketing.

I use social media to bring home a paycheck every month (plus weekly bonuses). I can work off my phone or laptop, wherever and whenever, to share for a health & wellness company that offers more than 40 amazing products like vitamins, coffee, skincare, energy products, and more!

This business has allowed me to not only make money, but also still be present to watch my daughter grow and not miss out on more of her life💗

I have been able to take my family on a beach vacation and pay off one of our credit cards in just a couple months and I am on track to meet some really big goals with this business - like paying off medical bills and saving toward a down payment on a family vehicle, and eventually dropping my hours at my full time job!

So if you're ready to join me on this journey that will lead us to financial freedom, the ability to travel whenever, and the opportunity to be your own BOSS and make your own schedule, let's go!

Remember, if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done✨

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