Funfacts about me

Super true funfacts about me

Hey! Didn't see you there! welcome to my account. my name's malak, and i want to get to know you. As mentioned before my name's malak! I'm a 10 year old girl who wants to have fun. My favorite color is sage green, i really like that color it's so fascinating. I also like black! I like the depth of the color black. My favorite subject is math but i honestly don't like my teacher nor the hw, so my favorite session is science. I like to learn new things and please people. My birthday is on the 23rd of may! I'm a gemini. I'm a really social awkward person. I feel sad when I do something not so correctly. I feel not good enough when that happens haha. My phone is my escape from reality. My native language isn't English infact it's Arabic! I absolutely love miraculous ladybug! It's a great show and i love it so much that i even watched the entire show and still re-watch it alot. My favorite characters' from miraculous ladybug is chat noir, plagg, master fu and marinette, they are miraculously awesome! My not so favorite characters are lie-la, manon chamack and chloe, they are ridiculous utterly ridiculous. My favorite episodes of miraculous ladybug are, kwamibuster, chat blanc, oblivio, kung food and ladybug. My favorite ship is marichat. Thank you so much for reading till here. Have a nice day/night