Let’s grow together


Hey Doll,
If you don’t know me I’m Cassie! I am a Single mother of a beautiful daughter, Esthetician, Mentor. Everything I do in this lifetime is for my mamas. She gives me life. A life I never thought I could have. I just wanted to show her it’s more to life than what I had growing up. It’s been an amazing, crazy, rough, beautiful journey. Helping women & men build their confidence level, practicing healthy lifestyle choices, self love, self care and mindset is the best feeling in the world.

I remember when I was in elementary school I told my mom I was going to be an entrepreneur. I have stuck with it since then. It is something about me being a Boss making my own money making my own schedule living my own life how I want. Working from my phone has been amazing yes I also do Lashes & Skincare but this year has been very crazy. Having a income straight from my phone has been very convenient. I have more time with my child that has been everything.
I graduated school in 2020 which when I got out I was hoping I could find an amazing brand I could incorporate with the business I already have. It came to be And I have been blessed since!

Remember nothing GREAT has come from being “comfortable” no one said this is easy because it’s not. I never thought I could just do it and one day it all changed my mind changed. Forget what people are telling you. Half the people who talk bad about you aren’t even doing anything great with themselves so let them talk they’re jealous Doll.

Step out the box you will find yourself I promise and when you do you will prosper