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Affirmations Self Care LLC

all things natural |all things pure |all things GOOD| vegan 🌱 based handmade soap & other holistic products|natural & organic herbal bath spas & more 💫✨
Affirmations Self Care is a company focused on self care products made from the heart!

Becoming Affirmations Self Care LLC


The process of this small black owned business was curated from a vivid vision of being apart of change 8 years ago. I’ve always had a fond love for giving and wanting to help in anyway possible. The name “Affirmations” came to me randomly while being a passenger in traffic in 2013 and it STUCK! Not really knowing why this came to me or what I would do with it, I wrote the name down in a journal for safe keeping.
As the years went by and my fond love for being an impact on people grew stronger, along with experiencing health complications that affected my skin (diabetes) and mental well being (clinical anxiety). It suddenly began to make sense! Hmmm... why don’t we do some research on affective agents that alleviate stress, anxiety, and helps us heal from the inside out?! The research party began and I ran to the kitchen, which is known as the lab with all of my organic oils, herbs, and a whole lot of love. I then began created my very first product.
The curiosity and interest in my very first product which is handmade organic lip gloss, derived from a coworker asking for a finger squeeze to moisturize her lips and she loved the smell and texture. She then asked where did I purchase the product and I explained I CREATED IT! This experience made my very first sale as she placed an order and spread the word. Later on more products came to mind as well as product suggestions and my life changed forever! My company was born & legally licensed/established in 2019.

Recommend top picks!

Top recommendations for customers

1) Goats milk and herb infused milk bar for eczema and dry skin! This bar consists of a goat milk base for moisture, infused with cocoa bean oil, coconut oil, and eucalyptus oil. These bars also contain raw , hand grown herbs such as rose, calendula, lavender, and camomile.

2) LipGLO Glosses are vegan based moisturizing treats that are infused with Shea oil, mint oil, and eucalyptus oil for ultimate moisture. These glosses are customizable to fit your needs like infusing raw, grown herbs such as rose, lavender, camomile, and calendula flower.

3) Igniters are my soy based candles that are customizable to fit your mood and intention. These candles help to fragrance your home or office and can also be used as mood stabilizers.


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