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Who are we?

We are a group of multiethnic passionate creatives who love to bring people together in an atmosphere of freedom, while modeling love and culture through community.
Our heart is to celebrate people and their stories through culture: music, dance, food and fashion. We believe that everyone deserves to be seen and celebrated for what they uniquely bring, that’s why we create a space for it to happen.

This all started with a dream our cofounder Dami had, he would talk about it all the time to our other cofounder Sayra, who pushed him to stop talking about it and do something. He came back with a logo and a plan. Together they organized their first event for December 5th 2020 in Sayra’s backyard. They weren’t sure how it would turn out but people showed up and we danced for hours on end into the night. None of us realized how much we needed something like this until then. Nobody wanted to leave and everyone kept asking, “when is the next one?”

From there it grew each month until the backyard it all started in was no longer able to fit the number of people who were coming. By April AfroLatino Nights had around 300 people come through the event and they then realized this was no small thing they had started. They knew they needed a team of people to help continue this. We now have a team of 11 passionate and dedicated people who you can meet on the next page.

We know that culture and celebration is something that Redding not only wants but needs. Our hope is to bring value to Redding and the people that make up this community. Please follow us on our social media pages or email us to stay up to date with our events and what we are doing.

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