SoOo What's A Doula?!)

~FERTILITY DOULA (n): A woman who supports YOU during a very unique journey to baby. Providing education to increase fertility. As Your Doula, I WILL have a holistic approach with use of herbal vsteam, diet, exercises/yoga & meditation. I can 100% relate to YOU, as WE Journey 2 Baby TOGETHER!)   ~BIRTH DOULA (N) : a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother & partner who is expecting or is experiencing labor.  My whole purpose is to advocate & assist women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.   ~POSTPARTUM DOULA (n): A woman professionally trained in newborn care & postpartum education. Supporting & Caring for YOU & YOUR FAMILY, as you adjust to a new life, in the weeks following childbirth.Your OWN Personal Assistant, Chef, Nanny & FRIEND!) “For This CHILD We’ve Prayed" 1SAMUEL 1:27” 🙏💛✨   770) 800-0937 Call ME!)  ~Shamira Newjoyz Click The Link IN BIO! Take A Look & Book Now! 👑💜♨️

"I AM~Shamira Newjoyz~ Certified Doula 

Agape Creations Offers Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Cast Creations,Vsteam & Natural Products/Supplements. 💜

During a time of spiritual healing & growth, I was led to Holistic Wellness & Alternative Ways To Heal The Womb. I’ve gained a Birth Doula & Yoni Steam Practitioner Certification. A Lifetime of Passion for Childbirth, and a 14 Year Career in Urgent Care & OBGYN Medical Facilities!)

A Vision To Make an Impact.

It's more than a business to me, as your doula; it's a revolutionary, world changing action with expectations in reproductive justice, honoring choices of the person birthing, and expanding the use of holistic practices. I’ve had some previous experiences in my career & my own personal  “Journey 2 Baby” has  inspired me to share the knowledge, BE The Change & to service other women before & after childbirth!)


“ I VOW to Advocate for YOU at your most vulnerable time of your life. Serving & Affirming with YOU Queens! Making YOU Stronger, competent & able to recognize your inner feminine strength, while birthing a miracle!”
~Shamira Newjoyz YOUR Doula=)

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

“Reap The Benefits Queens!)” Increase Milk Supply, Decrease Post Partum Moods, & More!

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