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Shopee Recommendations

Here are my top picks from shopee that are very sulit and vv high quality!

Kindly use the #BudolbyAgatha if nabudol ko kayo HAHAHA

RKG68 Mechanical Keyboard

i got the gateron red hot swappable for 2,750! it depends on u on what switch do u like!!
-- mechanical keyboards r very pricery considering its quality

tip lang: check niyo maigi mga shops & reviews before buying it kadalasan daw kasi scam/fake yung iba so be mindful nalang

- vv worth it tong kb pang matagalan na!! happy budol!

Kool Insulated Tumbler with Silicone Boot (32 oz)

THE BEST OF THE BEST!! i really love this tumbler huhu ang laki nya + i love the color! it works as its claims! can stay up your cold water up 24 hours!! (istg) for hot water, it can stay up to 12 hours! u can buy this for 999 pesos! comes with diff colors!

check my unboxing vid here:

Tyeso Insulated Tumbler

why u should buy it: u can stay hydrated and can store your water up to 6-8 hours! affordable, leak proof, and high quality! it comes with different colors black, white, dark blue, pink, and green! available also in 530 ml and 750 ml
check my previous shopee finds to see the actual tumbler!

price: 319 pesos (750 ml)
239 pesos (530 ml)

check my tiktok vid to see the actual tumbler:

Sunset Lamp

why u should buy it: vv perfect for photoshoot & can make ur room more alive (bc of the colors)
cons: madaling uminit nga lang:<

pero overall, super worth it neto! i bought this for 271 pesos with 4 colored films included! (bc i offered 300 pesos, i also claimed my shopee coins) however, the seller declined the 300 pesos offer u can cop this for 349 pesos with 4 colored fims included! go check it out!

u can see the actual lamp here:

Murakami Takashi Earrings

why u should buy it: affordable (60 pesos), super cute, high quality! napaka cute nya huhu (u can see on the pic)

i bought this for 51 pesos last 6.6 mid year sale
original price: 60 pesos

check my tiktok vid abt it:

Webcam Cover

why u should buy it: it keeps u safe from hackers (mahirap na ngayon no para safe tayo)
very affordable (9 pesos) and very easy to install! add to cart na yan!

check my tiktok vid abt it:

Small Mirror

why u should buy it: coz why not? very handy and affordable! 30 pesos lang usto mo yern? it also comes with diff colors (white, pink, blue, green, and purple!) eto daw yung mirror nung mga korean gurlz HAHAHAHA add to cart na!

check my tiktok vid to see the actual mirror:

Shopee Recommendations!

Looking for an affordable shopee finds? Check my shopee recommendations below!

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Sharing my affordable finds on this page.
Swipe left to see my top picks from shopee!

Tyeso Insulated Mug with Straw

bought this for 262 pesos (i redeemed my shopee coins) comes with diff colors too! legit yung lamig niya mga mars hanggang bukas malamig tapos yung ice kaya mag stay overnight kaya goods na goods!! buy niyo na guys stay hydrated!

orig price:
379- 30 oz (890 ml)
349- 20 oz (600 ml)

tiktok vid:

Fidget Toy

vv satisfying! u can buy this for 42 pesos only!
u can choose the color/shape u like!

Mini Desk Rack

this is vv cute & vv useful! madami naman ako nalagay kahit maliit siya HAHAHAH medj nahirapan lang aku i assemble pero goods naman overall yung rack!! madami ding colors!
price: 45 pesos

Crocs Jibbitz (Letter A-T)

super ganda ng quality niya guyss! bought mine for 18 pesos only!
may ibang letters din, u can check their shop nalang!!

Crocs Jibbitz (Smiley & Rainbow)

bought mine for 17 pesos only!! bili na kayooo maganda quality talagaaa

Crocs Jibbitz (Stethoscope)

SUPER CUTE NETO AS IN HUHU madami ring designs na magandaaa!
iba lang yung price niya compared sa dalawa tho
bought mine for 25 pesos!

Potato Corner Powder

legit na lasang potato corner talaga siya guysss tapos mura lang!! bought this for 120 pesos! add to cart naaaaa!!

tiktok vid:

Stylish Phone Case

Phone Case na pang mayaman charot lang baka ibash niyo ko
ang cute lang tignan! may hawakan siya na parang perlas kaya medj delikado baka manakaw HAHAHAHAHAH pero ikaw bahala if u want to buy it hehe
price: 75 pesos

Reversible Octopus

ang cute talaga neto!! perfect pang gift!! i bought this for 47 pesos only!
orig price: 70 pesos

check my tiktok vid here:

50 pcs Black Face Mask

why u should buy it: affordable, high quality, white cloth yung nasa loob compared to other black face mask
i bought this for 70 pesos last 7.7 mid year sale!
currently 75 pesos

Mask Lanyard

~ comes with diff colors
~ vv useful
~ bought this for 55 pesos!

Bubble Fidget Phone Case

stress reliever phone case, vv satisfying talagaaaa u can buy this for 86 pesos only!

Adjustable Folding Board for Clothes

a tamad shopee find! HAHAHAHA the not so perfect tupi 🀣 u can buy this for 170 pesos! bilhin mo na rin pls super useful neto!!

Privacy Protection Stamp

pros: affordable, working as its claims, u should buy this to be safe from scammers!
cons: messy ink (as u can see on the picture)
price: 33 pesos
ink costs 29 pesos

tiktok vid:

Alcohol Spray Bottle with Keychain

a covid essential! ang ganda neto may pa lock and open pa ganern HAHHAHA estetik kuno charot go buy it!
bought this for 20 pesos
comes with diff colors and a keychain!

360 Rotating Organizer

the best shopee purchase! u can organize here your abubots! high quality sya marssss go buy it!
i suggest u should buy the transparent premium para madaming divisions sa taas
~ i bought the transparent basic organizer for 219 pesos!
~ transparent premium costs 279 pesos
~ comes with diff colors

check ny tiktok vid here:

Enhypen (Unofficial) Photocard



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