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The Anti-Pharmacist

“My parents believe that creativity doesn’t pay bills, and observing the sacrifices my parents made to provide me with a better chance at life than they had… I acquiesced to their version of the American Dream, convincing myself that this was the life that I wanted.”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

“The queen who goes looking to a mirror for answers to her own worth, ends up becoming a slave to her own unworthiness. We must step bravely into the reflection of ourselves, and appreciate the awe of who we are...”

Toilet Goals

Pooping is an essential part of life, a crucial part of the health and beauty routine, and it’s one of the most visible biomarkers of your health.

Sunscreen Secrets

Found in more than 3,500 chemical sunscreen products, oxybenzone disrupts the body’s hormone system, [and] what isn’t absorbed, washes off into our oceans and contributes to coral reef bleaching.

Peter Piper’s Pickled Peppers

The spicy, active molecule in peppers—capsaicin—interacts with a receptor called TRPV1, which is found in the brain, peripheral nerves, bladder, and blood vessels, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports your heart health.

The Second-Half Beauty Journey

“While I was teaching women how to feel confident with the latest makeup techniques, my own skin was screaming for help... Confident, I was not.”

The Great Fluoride Debate

“Fluoride is scientifically proven to restore and remineralize enamel... [but] if you are exposed to high levels of fluoride, research suggests that may be toxic to your brain and nerve cells.”

Sex-Ed with Lioness

“We’ve siloed sexual pleasure on its own, and we tend to overlook sexual health when it’s an important aspect of our everyday health.”

Aging Gracefully in All Colors

“I wonder if my resistance to maintain a proper skin care regimen was rooted in my personal belief that my darker skin didn’t make me any less beautiful than those with lighter skin than me.”

12 Steps to Living More Sustainably

“Everyone and anyone can adapt an eco-conscious lifestyle, and do so effortlessly. The trick is to establish micro-goals.”

Case of the Monolid

“My monolid eyes are an essential part of my human experience and spiritual journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Product R&D

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