Talofa Lava

Wunya Ngulum - a warm welcome in the Gubbi Gubbi language of the land I currently reside in - Bribie Island, Qld.

My name is Aggie.
I share a wonderful life with my soulmate, Sonny and we have been truely blessed to have two beautiful girls. Adriana-Rose 11yo & Lilimailelagi 2yo.

I was a international flight attendant for over 9 years with Virgin Australia and sadly my role was made redundant due to Covid and further restrictions to international travel.

I’ve been a stay home mom since and have enjoyed every moment of it.

If you are here, you probably already have an idea of what I’m about to share with you and my new business with Monat!

We are the fastest growing luxury haircare, and skincare brand in the WORLD (and we just added wellness!). We are the first social marketing company to focus entirely on premium hair care products that actually promote healthy hair growth and reverse damage from the inside out. Our full line of hair and skin and wellness products are vegan, naturally based, cruelty free, anti aging and free of harsh chemicals. The company is only 7 years old and we have already become a BILLION dollar company……and has now launched in AUSTRALIA!!

So what does that mean for you? It means I am offering you a GROUND LEVEL opportunity to upgrade your financial situation by doing what you’re already doing - washing your hair, your face and taking care of your mind and body!

This business can be done by anyone who wants more out of life! It will give you the opportunity to find your purpose, be independent and out grow that comfort zone!

Sis, it is TIME you stop aimlessly scrolling through social media, recommending products you don't get paid for!

Sis! Let’s link up 😘

Aggie ♥︎