Who is a Goddess/ God?

You are a goddess/ god?

What makes an individual a god or goddess?

Knowing that the source is always within you. You can never be separated from the source because you derived from those powers.

About Me

Hi, I’m Goddess a woman against all odds I decided to empower myself to rise above all of life obstacles. I created this space for people like myself. That needed a outlet or support system that was judgement free. That allowed people to be exactly who we are meant to be down to our core. Which is free!

So after many countless failures and attempts I stumbled upon my purpose in life. To heal and help others along the way. I ‘ll be the first to tell you I don’t have it all figured out. But the pieces I have makes living that much juicer. It’s like a burning desire to know more and then answers are presented. So what do you do with the information. You share and be of service.

Okay so before we go any further.

Relax you are in good hands. Not to spoil the end but you WIN! 🙌🏾 . No, life doesn’t get easier but you will have better tools to help you along the way.

So with that being said. Stay Tune

Within this space I will share tips on health, beauty, fashion, family life, life hacks, natural remedies, diys, everyday living, and tons more.

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