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chinese drama


Perfect & Casual

Dosen ganteng ketemu sama Murid biasa-biasa aja. Krn suatu kejadian mereka jd sering ketemu dan ada disituasi harus saling nolong. Salah satunya dengan kawin kontrak. Dramcom yg dialognya kocak bgt. Dosennya org statistik gt, jd pas solve problem suka bawa2 statistik, gt jg kalo lg adu mulut sm cewenya 😂


Unforgettable Love

Ada duda, ganteng, kaya, pinter, beranak satu. Anaknya PTSD sampe nggak mau ngomong. Anaknya nuakal ceritanya, dokter angkat tangan semua. Trus ketemu sm si Psikolog anak yg bikin si anaknya lgsg kepincut. Krn bapaknya si duda tajir, apa juga mau dibeliin buat anaknya. Termasuk beliin mama baru.. Tp mama baru yg mau direkrut ini jual mahal 🤣


A Love So Beautiful

Chen Xiaoxi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yitian) are classmates at Chenxi Secondary School and have been neighbors since kindergarten. Chen Xiaoxi, a cheerful girl who doesn't study much, is expressive about her admiration towards Jiang Chen, a popular student known for his good looks and high grades. However, Jiang Chen is very distant and indifferent towards people because of his father's early death


Go Ahead

The story revolves around three troubled youths who find solace in their common experiences to become the best family that they can be for each other.
(Katanya bau baunya kya Reply 1988 gt)


You Are My Glory

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Gu Man. It mainly tells the story that the popular actress Qiao Jingjing and her former high school classmate Yu Tu unexpectedly reunited in the game.


Begin Again

Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luming Furnishings Group, one of a kind, with beauty, wisdom and wealth. Yet she is about to be 30. Under the pressure of family and career, Lu urgently needs a husband and a child of her own. Then the surgeon Ling Rui comes into her life, who is professional, handsome, and kind-hearted, a perfect husband in Lu’s eyes. Lu tries every means to earn his heart, and they get married. After their marriage, Lu, who acts tough, faces up to the problems in life and tries to change. True feelings gradually emerged between them. However, the crisis from their family and careers is beyond imagination. Lu, who suffered a career crisis, intends to divorce. Thankfully, Ling’s persistence makes her understand the true meaning of love and marriage, and they determine to face everything in their marriage and embrace a better future.



Sang Wu Yan, a college senior, dreams of becoming a broadcaster. She works as an assistant at a radio station and likes a mysterious songwriter with the name "Yi Jin". She fell in love at first sight after a chance meeting with Su Nian Qin and later discovers that he is visually impaired.


Go Go Squid

A cute romance between an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy that she is too scared to approach. He is a genius in the field of computer engineering and a legend in the world of professional gaming.


Put Your Head On My Shoulder

On the cusp of graduation, an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine.


Le Coup de Forde

Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo are classmates in high school. One is a bad student and the other a top student. Although they don't seem to have anything in common, they make a promise on the day before graduation to go study abroad together. However, due to an unforeseen incident in Qiao Yi's family, she can't keep the promise and the two lose contact. Four years later, they meet again at their first class reunion. Qiao Yi finally admits her own feelings and decides to move to where Yan Mo lives in order to pursue him, but has to discover that there is already someone by his side.


Unrequited Love

Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan had seen each other and played together at a wedding when they were children. Due to family changes, Luo Zhi studied really hard but was not familiar with Sheng Huainan though they were in the same school. Later, the two entered the same university, accidentally met each other when visiting the Red Leaves Valley and got to know each other during tutoring. Due to the intervention of Ye Zhanyan, Ding Shuijing and the two families, Luo Zhi and Sheng Huainan experienced various misunderstandings. In the end, the two overcome all the difficulties and be together bravely.


Love Is Sweet

Jiang Jun, a girl who is severely allergic to tears, has a double master's degree in economics and psychology. The superior and pampering environment given by her parents has created her free and idealistic personality. After graduation, she worked in a charity organization, pursuing her own life. Unexpectedly, her father's death made her stand at the intersection in life.


My Amazing Boyfriend

Mutant Xue Ling Qiao, who has been asleep for centuries, is awakened by the unlucky actress Tian Jing Zhi in a car accident. He then forces his way into living at her house despite his mysterious past. On the surface, she acts like she’s not bothered by his super powers, but actually, she tries her best to get rid of this “monster.”


Forever and Ever

Si Cewe dan Cowonya ketemu di bandara trus saling suka. Mereka akhirnya nikah dan diceritain gt role dalam rumah tangga trus gmn mereka saling support dan ngelewatin hardship bareng-bareng.


One and Only

Putri Mahkota jatuh ci ta sm Jendral padahal udah dijodohin sm Putra Mahkota kerajaan lain. Mereka ketemu pas si Jendral lg dikirim untuk training. Jadi deket trus lama-lama suka. Tp hubungannya nggak lancar soalnya masing-masing punya tanggung jawab sm negaranya.

Ini Prequelnya dr Forever and Ever. Lucunya yg satu kolosal theme yg satunya dunia modern


Falling Into Your Smile

Cerita seorang cewek yg masuk ke dalam team nasional untuk jd pemain esports wanita pertama di liga profesional China. Dia ngegantiin kapten tim itu yg lg cedera dimana tim itu isinya semua laki-laki. Trus abis itu dia deket sm si kaptennya tp dia udah janji sm diri sendiri nggak mau pacaran sm yg satu profesi.