An emerging space for gorwth and healing based on Jewish philosophy


Ahava (אהבה) is the Hebrew word for love. In a world increasingly divided, our aim to bring people together. With all of our emerging advanced technology and an unprecedented level of human connectedness, we are on the verge of either a hopeful rebirth or a frightening decay and regress. Ahava is the hope that through unconditional acceptance and service to the other, we can transcend our limiting beliefs and divisive narratives.

Ancient Hebrew texts describe a time when humanity experiences “Ahava Raba” (Great Love) and it being a precursor to the new age. For thousands of years, the Jewish people have held onto the Torah, seeking its wisdom and living by the guidance of it’s teachers. Ahava.org is an attempt to bring those ancient ideas of communal self actualization into the modern era. By focusing on the Torah’s approach to healing, and building the tools for the Jewish people to connect and heal, our aim to test the hypothesis put forth by Jewish writing. Namely, that the survival, renewal, and rejuvenation of an oppressed and divided people is built around solidarity, shared beliefs, and personal accountability. These elements help a divided people reach their highest selves.


The Jewish people’s narrative:

Our nation began by the recognition of our cosmic oneness and the practical need for one to sacrifice parts of themselves at times to create a better world. Through our people’s suffering, we were taught to value empathy and to focus on love & understanding to move us through life. Eventually, we were given the opportunity to self determine and build a civilization. And so, 3,000 years ago, a thriving Jewish civilization in the Levant celebrated a culture rich in tribal traditions, spiritual wisdom, & progressive humanistic values. Sadly, due to to western imperialism & natural societal degradation, the civilization of Judea was destroyed & its people brutally displaced, oppressed, & colonized. Thus began the Jewish journey towards complete self actualization. For thousands of years, while living under oppressive regimes & foreign empires the many Jewish tribes held onto their dream of returning home to rebuild what was destroyed. The wise amongst the tribes inspired their followers through oral tradition, written word, and ceremonial practices to hold onto hope and faith and that there will come a time when the Jewish people will once again return to their homeland - serving as an inspiration to the those who’ve witnessed our journey, that it is in fact possible to overcome. From Iran, Ethiopia, and Spain, to Europe, Morocco, and the Middle East, Jews maintained their culture, their practice, & their connection to their native land.


As modern Jewish people living in the 21st century, we hope to cut through the noise of organized religion, internalized colonialism, and the inter generational trauma to continue building what our ancestors prayed, hoped, and died for. We’re reuniting with our family from all modern races & backgrounds to reclaim what was destroyed & resolve the injustices currently being done to & in the name of our people so that we can live in true peace as equal neighbors in the land of our ancestors.

Ahava.org hopes to use modern technology, media, & science to reintroduce ancient wisdom, traditions, and spiritual meditative practices to Jewish people of all backgrounds & to share our story of hope & survival to the world at large.