Metaphysician, Mystic, & Soul Doula

I help assist & support souls on their journey to awakening using whatever path they choose. Women of color are pregnant with wisdom and experience and I'm here to make that experience as smooth as possible by helping to remove barriers to self love & relationships, help develop and support the connection to higher guidance, inspire creativity, while helping to break those generational curses.

We have been riddled with oppressive overly masculine conditions and our souls were birthed at just the right time with just the right opportunity to bring harmony and balance to the scales. It's time to expand our nature so that we can truly see a world where we are prospering as healers, leaders, creatives, spiritualists, coaches, influencers, authors, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and whatever other role our soul chooses to play in this game of life. You were brought to this moment and these words for a reason you subconsciously called upon. Book your consultation at no charge so we can see if we vibe and if my services support what you need. Many women who are in therapy use my services as complimentary to their healing path.

Soul Doula Services:

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
DNA Reiki Healing
Master Reiki Services
Soul Coaching
Soul Readings
Custom Healing Copper Jewelry

Past Life Regression
Spirit Attachment Release
9-week Self Love Mediation Course based on my published Book "Don't F*ck Yourself, Love Yourself"