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I am The Goddess Charly Bliss aka Ahimsa Savage she is I and I am she. My mission is to offer guidance in healing the self through education. I use meditation, mantra, movement, breathing exercises, Reiki, and crystals as tools for achieving a state of chill and to move energy to maintain a bliss filled vibration.

WELCOME to my healing, educating, and manifesting space.

My 20 (+) years include thousands of hours of training, mentorships, education, and experience. I'm bringing you my raw #savageknowledge to help bring more bliss into your life. I will also share new info with you!! Things I try, study, discover that works etc. Each one teach one right #AhimsaSavage

I have created courses that will certify you to teach and facilitate professional healing sessions, using crystals, Chakra energy balancing, and yoga on yourself and others. #AhimsaDivine

I offer an #exlusive free Memebership website that offers you an entire world of yoga and knowledge. #SavageStudio

I put compassionate energy healing into some spiritual creations. Malas for meditation and mantra Japa, candles for healing and meditation, and a supply of stones and crystals that are high vibe waiting to light up your space. I have also designed some notebooks for helping you on your journey. #EarthEvaXYZ

In addition I offer a Sadhana Box Club that can assist you in your spiritual healing needs. This is an entire box of healing tools for a specific need. #SadhanaBox

Join the #SavageTribe and let's live savagely by our own rules.

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Up and coming. Come get some liberation through education and practice.

New Channel will combine all until then check a Savage out on all outlets.

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