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We sell a wide variety of products in accordance with the customer requirements . We also provide work related services . Our main aim is to provide you with products that are affordable and yet there quality remains undeniable .
We mainly provide CPVC , UPVC , PPR-C pipes and products related to it .

PPR-C  —


MINHAS plumbing system is an excellent solution for underground hot and cold water supply system. The imported material used by MINHAS pipes and fittings is almost non-reactive with most of the Chemicals hence this system is durable for the supply of certain chemicals and gasses as well.
Moreover, The aim of Minhas Pipes is providing high quality improved products to our valuable clients through the continuous process of improvement has enhanced satisfaction via our well established standards and procedures. Right from material selection to final delivery of products and after sales services, Minhas makes the customer feel comfort at every moment. Therefore, this is the reason; it has increasing number of
satisfied customers across the globe.

Furthermore, Impact Modified Poly Propylene (IMPP) sewerage & drainage piping system is the most emerging S&D system in MIDDLE EAST, ASIA and across the world is Impact Modified Polypropylene (IMPP)


Manufactured in IIL's state-of-the-art facility, IIL PPRC Pipe is perfect for water and fluid transmission. IIL PPRC pipe can be used for various applications in the transmission of pressurized warm or cold water for all residential, commercial, and industrial settings

Sparco Plast (ltd)

The pipes and it's fitting produced by this industry are very durable for everyday use . It is affordable and it's quality competes with some of the international piping industries.