— Passionate . Dedicated . Trustworthy . Positive . Grateful . Humble —

I ❤️ Allah. Whatever I ❤️ to do because of ALLAH s.w.t

✔️Iqra and Quran
✔️Phonics Reading
✔️Islamic Religious Knowledge
✔️Tuition for Pre-School and Primary
✔️Madrasah Entrance Test Preparation

✔️Way to Quran
✔️Crafty Hijaiyyah
✔️Step into Arabic
✔️After-School Care
✔️Our Islamic Journey
✔️Readers are Leaders
✔️School Holiday Care
✔️Mastering Arabic Writing
✔️Early Childhood Education

Consultation Services:
✔️Financial Health Check
✔️Retirement Needs Analysis
✔️CPF Calculation for Retirement
✔️Education Planning
✔️Estate Planning
✔️Faraidh Distributions
✔️Nomination & Trust
✔️Housing Loan & Mortgage

✔️Life & Protection
✔️CPF & Investment
✔️Savings for Education
✔️Savings for Retirement
✔️Critical Illness Coverage
✔️Personal Accident & Health
✔️Long Term Care & Disability
✔️Legacy Planning
✔️Group Insurance
✔️Keyman Insurance
✔️Partnership Insurance

General Insurance:

✔️Educational Books
✔️Pre-madrasah Books
✔️Hijab / Shawl
✔️Adults Clothing
✔️Children Clothing
✔️Festive Clothing
✔️Jewelries / Accessories
✔️Food & Snacks

**For small functions & gathering
✔️Festive: Hari Raya, CNY, Deepavali, Christmas
✔️Birthday Party
✔️Baby Shower

✔️Hantaran Dulang
✔️Baby Shower
✔️Candy Booth

1-Stop Solutions:
✔️Car Rental
✔️Space for Event
✔️Muslimah Salon
✔️Delivery services
✔️Reno Contractors
✔️Make up Services
✔️Bridal Services
✔️Sell & Buy House Agent

Madrasah Entrance Test Preparation

Preparing for Madrasah Primary 1

Headstart towards Madrasah. We aim to give each student a proper guidance towards the Madrasah Entrance Test with our experienced and dedicated teachers. As children learn differently, we believe in teaching a small group of student-teacher ratio as to coach the students individually.

Most Popular

After-School Care Programme

Provide support for working parents on the child’s learning at school and revision in a secure and Islamic values oriented environment.

5-days a week including School Holidays!
School days:
Monday to Friday, 1.30pm – 6.30pm
School holidays:
Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 6.30pm

☘️Daily Supervision of School Homework
☘️Daily Iqra & Quran Session
☘️Tuition: English, Math, Malay & Science
☘️Islamic Religious Knowledge
☘️Solat Zohor & Asar
☘️Memorising Surah & Dua’
☘️Lunch & Snacks

Supervision of Homework

Children need to complete their homework with supervision. Done work will be checked and signed by educators.

Iqra’ and Quran Session

‘Mengaji’ will be on-going daily. Start from basic knowledge of recognising the huruf and know the sound.
Recitation will be graded and marked accordingly by ARS Certified Ustazah.


Provide group tuition for all academic subjects: English, Malay, Mathematics & Science.
Focus on 1-hour per subject a day.
Weekly revision and practices.
Test will be given on termly basis for evaluation.

Our Islamic Journey

An introduction to Islam. Students are exposed to the basics of Islam, becoming a good muslim.

Believing in Allah s.w.t, the creator and Muhammad s.a.w, the prophet.

Covering Akhlak, Aqidah, Fiqh & Sirah

Performing Solat

Performing zohor and asr prayer daily. Children will be reciting together loud and clear so that they will memorise well.
Reciting Surah, Dua’ and Dzikir during and after solah.
During School holiday, all required to perform sunah Dhuha prayer.

Birthday Celebration

To share special moments with friends. Unforgettable childhood events with lots of fun and laughters.
Simple celebration, chips, sweets, chocolates, cakes, goodies…

Outdoor Events

Activities will be packed during school holidays.
Organising outdoor events or outdoor play are part of our school holiday activities.
As much as we want to make children happy and enjoy their holiday.

Our Islamic Journey

Islamic Religious Knowledge for children.

A programme that provides an introduction to Islam. Students are exposed to the basics of Islam, as well as daily routine of Doas, Dzikir and Memorizing of Surahs.
An intensive learning in believing Allah s.w.t, the creator and Muhammad s.a.w, the prophet. 
Learn step-by-step of Wudhu’ and Solat intensively. 
Covering the stories of prophets and the history.

Class 1: 10.00am - 11.30am
Class 2: 12.30pm - 2.00pm
Class 3: 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Teens: 9.00am - 10.30am

Solat Practical

Learn step-by-step wudhu’ and solat practical with recitation intensively.

Surah & Doa Memorisation

Surah will be translated with action. Understand the meaning and knowing the benefits.
Doa’ is related to moral, values. Akhlak of a Muslim.

Class Activities

Art & Crafts related to topics of Tauhid / Fiqh / Sirah / Akhlak

Special Edition

Special events: Awal Muharram, Isra’ & Mikraj, Ramadhan, Eidul Fitri, Eidul Adha.

Worksheets & Assessments

Worksheets are all done in class.
No homework will be assigned.

Warm up Session

Charge up energy. Engaging them with body movements and interactions.

Outdoor Activity

Planting seeds. Learn the creation of Allah.
Learn about patience.


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