Introduction to all of us~

Aikatsu All Series (アニメアイドル)

Hi guys, welcome to the aikatsu.onstages

Rules on this account.
- Must not be toxic to Aikatsu Series characters.
- Don't give hate comments. I opened the comments column so that you are free to have an opinion, but that doesn't mean you hate comments.
- Not allowed to tag my account in the giveaway, or even in 21+ content
- Don't send me a video or photo 21+
- Suddenly asking for follback on my personal account, even though you don't know much about me

If me finds another person like the one above, then I will block it.

“Aikatsu All Series” :
1) Aikatsu (S1-S4)
2) Aikatsu Stars (S1-S2)
3) - Aikatsu Friends (S1)
- Aikatsu Friends! Kagayaki no Jewel (S2)
4) - Aikatsu On Parade! (S1)
- Aikatsu On Parade! Dream Story (S2)
5) Aikatsu Planet! (Now)

We will wait for the next Aikatsu! What is Season 2 of Aikatsu Planet? Or the new series? So stay tuned guys~

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