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18 years of life is apparently too short for society.
"Go out and live, before it's too late!" - I've been told. My name is Ailini Sa Tianu Lupelele Fetaitai Lealaiauloto Vaa'ao'ao Patiole and yes this is proven to be my full name in my bith certificate. New Zealand born and A God fearing young women. I look forward to Blog while I start my new life. It's gonna get ugly, have a few happy ends but my only intention in starting my blog is to do what i do best, try to motivate others through my stories, my experiences and my eyes.


Alofa I tagata uma

Black Lives matter. All lives matter

I wonder how it feels to be able to plan a family day out without having to put in "make sure you have your car restristration, liscense and apology". Just in case we get pulled over.
I also wonder how it feels to be able to speak whenever your mind feels you need to? I wouldn't know because I need to be cautious of what i say. Adapt my mind to know when to listen, when to speak and when to be quiet. 'White Privilege' - Societal Privilege. It doesn't hurt that we don't get the same oppotunities or freedom of speech. It hurts that we learnt to live with what we got and thats still not enough for them. Seeing my parents suffer 12 hrs everyday working, 4 hours of sleep. My sick brother in hospital and here I am, trying to pay the hospital bill by working 2 part time jobs. How much suffering do we need to show for them to stop looking at me like I'm trash?

This story is a short evidence of what my cousin feels growing up half African American. I am not African American or White. I am full Samoan. I get followed around fashion stores then walk out with nothing because I feel uncomfortable. I always get stared at and sometimes even asked if I could leave. I have also been told that it's obvious I cannot afford certain items and that I shouldn't waste time asking for the price. Rasicm is our world.

They say "There is always one better than the other".
"There has to be one leader."
White privilege makes them better than any coloured human being.
White privileges give them every right to be the leader.

Would I sound ruthless to say that this protest that is causing a huge problem in the world a good thing? We had little oppotunities in the past and when we spoke to have our voices heard, it would die out before we could even hold our grounds. The movement and protests of today are stronger and will be heard.

Black Lives matter. All lives matter ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿