The best natural skincare product in Malaysia

Nsa Beau Ventures is an established cosmetic manufacturer based in Malaysia since 20th January 2018. The founder, Hafiz Mahamad started to venture into business after he had struggling with difficulties in his teenage life. It sparked the idea that he wants all young adults and teenagers to stand on their own feet. In the beginning, the idea to establish Nsa Beau Ventures came from his wife, Syafiqah Aina, a well-known model. The great ideation to produce their own line of cosmetic product started when Hafiz’s wife faced a skin problem due to excessive makeup wear during her photo shoot. Syafiqah Aina started to experiencing skin problems such as dull skin, rashes and allergies as well as blemishes appearance on her skin.

The first step in the business was when they decided to formulate their own serum called AINAA Serum from an established cosmetic manufacturer based in Malaysia. The product strikes a chord when they received 20,000 pre-orders for the serum within one week. A large part of the success is when a total of 4000 client engagement were recorded under Nsa Beau Ventures involving other countries in Southeast Asia such as Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore in such a short period of time. Hafiz Mahamad emphasis on his intention to help very youth to be success and to elevate the level of determination to succeed amongst this group. To stay ahead of the game in the business, Hafiz devised a strategic marketing strategy for his new business ventures by providing a unique sales system for Nsa Beau members.