My go-to gel nail products

Trust me, you NEED this.

UV LED lamp

This is a MUST for gel nails to cure properly!
Set it 30-60 secs to cure each layer & lastly 90-120 secs after top coat.


The PH bond: to dry out the natural nail's oil.
The base coat: ensure nail products stick better.
The tempering top coat: ensure the nail colour & design is well protected.

Cuticle remover

This is liquid magic! It melts your nail's cuticle & dead skin. Spray onto your nails & wait 3 mins before scraping it away. Now you'll have clean nails without cutting the cuticles!

Nail files

The lower the number (eg: 100/180), the higher the grit. Similar to sandpaper.
Use this to prep your nails & shape the fake nails into your desired shape (almond, coffin, square etc)

Fake nails

This saved me a lot of time to shape my nails!

Opaque gel nails

The fun part: COLOURS! My personal fav brand is the Luna.V & AS. The gel consistency is good, the brush size is just perfect & the gel cures nicely.

Jelly gel nails

Perffff for natural-looking nails! This is a bit translucent so need 4-5 coats each nail.

Cat eye gel nails

I love to layer this on jelly gel nail polish. You need the magnet to shape the silver glitters too.

Extra bling ✨

Wanna add gems? You need this glue!

Gems 💎

These are my fav to elevate nail designs!

Use this to pick up the 💎

I haaaate it when gems fall out when using tweezers. So i use this!