Who is she & where is she going?

Meet Arianne, an intuitive Movement Medicine Healer based in San Diego.

She is a 500hr YTT certified yoga & meditation instructor, specializing in vinyasa yoga, pranayama, and guided meditations. She is a performance artist, an instructor of silk veil fan flow arts, and the Assistant Creative Director of Sacred Solutions Art.

Arianne is driven to share her knowledge of what heals beings individually and collectively through mind, body, and soul enriching practices. She is a creative force driven by unconditional love.

She enjoys traveling, dancing, hiking, journaling, creating art and connecting with others. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor's of Science in Alternative Medicine and is an advocate for all holistic and movement medicine practices.

Mindful Meditation

300hr MTT Certified

Meditation is a highly effective technique for awakening the human psyche to the realms of wellbeing and creativity. It’s humanity’s secret ingredient to happiness, peace, healthy relationships, emotional management, cognitive and immune function, physical health and stress reduction.

This is an invitation for those inclined to look within and develop their own meditation practice.

1:1 Private Sessions

Air’s Flow Yoga


Private Sessions | Events | Virtual & Outdoor

As Zuna Yoga explains, when the body, breath and mind are cohesively aligned, you’ll experience yoga as it was always meant to be, expressing your power with grace. As your practice of yoga and self-discovery evolves, you’ll uncover the radiance and wisdom that lie within. We then weave these threads of inner truth into the fabric of being, to live authentically, courageously, and joyfully.

With each practice, I invite you to connect with your breath, unwind the body, calm your mind, and practice the art of deep relaxation. From gentle flows to energizing vinyasa practices, allow me to guide you into experiencing inner peace.

Book 1:1 private or group sessions, attend outdoor community classes, or find free guided tips & flows on IGTV.

Air the Flowgi

Silk Veil Fan Flow Arts


A movement medicine practice that stimulates the mind, body, and soul.

I will guide you through the fundamental techniques of flowing, as well as fun tricks to make your flow all the more exciting.

ANYONE can flow! So join us as we dance, play, take up space and allow our inner child to flow freely with these mesmerizing art props.

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A Few of My Favorite Things

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