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For the love of Crystals and Cards

Hello, my name is Aisling!
I'm a 22 year old Witchy gal from Scotland.
I started my journey in October 2020, when I bought my first Crystals. Since, I  have gradually been building up my practices as well as confidence so that I can be not only the best witch I can be, but a better person too. This blog is for people who need a bit of support or a push to follow their Witchy and Magical instincts. When I started, I started alone and had no one to help or guide me but I want to make sure that others have a person to say - JUST GO FOR IT AND FOLLOW WHATS CALLING YOU - So thats where I come in. My social DM's are always open for Questions or even just to say Hi!

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Veiling 🦋 24/05/21

Today I veiled for the first time. This protects your energy and also you FROM energy while you are practicing with crystals and divination and also through your day. I have already felt a massive change since putting it on and its something i will be doing more ofted.

Today i have felt incredibly blessed and energised I did a card pull and the energy around me gave me an incredibly feeling. A feeling i haven't felt for a while now.
I am moving to where i need to be and I am greatful you are with me on my jouney 🦋💜


Take your time 🦋 19/05/21

This is just a post to remind you to take your sweet time. Enjoy the small moments in life and stop rushing. Take all the time you need to reground yourself and dont forget that you deserve a treat sometimes.

Dont over do it. Allow yourself some you time and make sure to stay hydrated 🦋


Long time no see 29/04/21

One of the biggest yes cards.

I drew this on my first day back to work and i was so overwhelmed! I felt like everything was going to fall back into place. It has given me alot of hope to move on and up to achieve what I need to achieve.

This is a huge Yes card and is a reminder that you can do anything you put your mind too. Big change is coming but its up to you to get there.


Pushing through 18/04/21

The past week has been a difficult one. I'm trying to keep myself going as well as keep people interested in what i do.
At this point, i dont know what the heck people want anymore!
I've decided to come off my socials a bit to reground and sort myself out, but still staying true to my beliefs.

DM's are still always open! I just wont be posting as much!

I want to get more into card reading as that is what my heart is being drawn towards right now.

This post has been a bit of a mess as i'm ranting a bit of emotion.

Shall we finish with some nice assuring words? Yes i think so.
'The universe has your back'
Climb that mountain, how else are you going to see that view?


Out in Nature 🌿 16/04/21

They say how important it is to be as close to nature as you can when you are practicing. It helps positivity aswell as keeping your mental health strong.
Today, with my work team, i tackled a 16 Mile walk and we all smashed it. We have been raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and i'm very grateful to have taken part.
38000 steps later and i'm in bed with a sore body and feet but an INCREDIBLY positive energy and attitude.

I couldn't have done it without my amazing work mates supporting me the full way. A very grateful gal today.

I have been very much motivated to keep up walking, especially up hills to try and keep that positive mental energy and body energy.
Our legs will keep going - its our mind that gets in the way 🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️


Purr - fect Magic 🐱 15/04/21

Very much an appreciation post.

Where is a Witch without her cat. This is Simba, he is a Maine Coon and one of my bestfriends. He completely changed my life.
I went through a very difficult 2 years and i felt like the world was picking on me. With lockdown coming up again my boyfriend decided to suggest that we get a kitten. 1 month later, we got Simba and he has made me the happiest little witch ever. He loves me unconditionally and reminds me to keep positive and keep moving forward. He is now coming up for 6 Months old and is the noisiest boy, but i wouldn't change him for the world!

He is apart of all the work and craft that I do - even if he does just sleep beside me or fall asleep while it is happening ♡


Bath Meditation 14/04/21

Today I felt like a bath meditation was needed. For me, its as simple as -
• Run a Bath
• Make a Cuppa
• Light a Candle
• Pull a Card and put my favourite Crystals (or ones that I feel match my intentions) next to me, to Meditate with.

This is just my way of doing it and I always feel my positive energy expanding when I do it. Being in a relaxed atmosphere allows you to focus alot more on your energy and intentions and where they are at that time.
I sometimes - depending on how I'm feeling and if i feel the need to, like to set up my bath table and journal too. It really just depends on the day.

'Bring Love into the Situation' - New Moon in Aquarius

My Card today is all about moving forward and letting go of the past so that you can continue going to where you need to be. It also suggests that doing things more independently, might get you there alot easier and quicker. The New Moon aspect naturally suggest New Starts which ties in nicely with moving towards those new starts♡

If you have any thoughts or questions about Bath Meditation or Oracle Readings and Cards - my DM's are always open!
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'Adjustments Are Required' Third Quarter Moon 13/04/21

I drew this card this afternoon for myself and didn't look into or think much about it. This evening I have come home full of negativity and then I realised this card was telling me the answers all along and was trying to guide me before I felt this way.

Things need to be adjusted before I can get to where I want to be. I need to make sure the negativity isn't toxic and if it is, get rid of it. I need to trust the process and watch out for a 'crisis' that will show me what is most important and what i need to get rid of. I need to balance myself and rethink my way around it.

I'm in total shock that the card was telling me my answer all day - I allowed myself to build up that negativity and now I have finally been able to reflect and let it go. Its amazing♡


The Power of a Cuppa 13/04/21

I find having a cup of tea before or while I work my Crystals and Cards helps me to relax and feel more comfortable, therefore creating instant positive energy within myself that I can use during my practice.
I talk alot about powerful energy and believe you shouldn't work with your Crystal if you cant get into the right energy space - your Crystals wont give out good energy if you cant give them good energy. Start with yourself first and bring your happiness and positivity into the mix.

Simple things to help with Energy and Positivity -

• Go for a short walk outside in Nature.
• Have a cup of tea.
• Cuddle with your fur baby.
• Do something you enjoy - an instant mood changer, therefore brings positivity into the body and mind which will allow you to expand your energy!


Hey Witches! 12/04/21

She only went and made a blog. Clearly I think people are that interested that they will not only listen to me babble on for 30 mins on a live but that they will also have a look at a blog! If thats you, THANK YOU and welcome to my first ever blog! As you will see and know, I am a Witch and a lover of all things Magical, especially Cards and Crystals and I want to share that love with all of those who feel the same or who don't know where to start!

My Social DM's are always open for any questions and chats!

I am a learner, I most likely always will be, but if I can help find the answers for others or help start them on their journey, I will be more than happy to help - you know where to find me.