This Is Me

Your average, professional fangirl who aspires to be a millionaire.

Hi there, friends! The name’s AJ, and I’m just your simple average young adult who’s basically just down for any adventure.

Where do I even begin? I’m 22 years old, a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines but currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently unemployed as of this moment (hoping to get a job soon), but I am expecting to join the US Air Force sometime next year.

I love eating and traveling. I’m totally obsessed with Korean barbecue, strawberry-flavored foods and boba milk tea. I love everything cute and adorable, I love anime, and I love to sing and draw. Oh, and I just love, love, LOVE BTS. Especially Jin. But I love all seven of them just the same. If you’re an ARMY just like me, I hope we get to see the boys in a concert together someday. 💜

And most of all, I’m a Christian. And yes, I’m not ashamed of it. I am, and will never be ashamed to tell you that I love our dearest Lord Jesus Christ and I’m deeply honored to be called as one of His children and to be called to serve in His ministry.

Lastly, I sell haircare, skincare and wellness products for a living. Or more like, I’m building a team of empowered men and women through quality, vegan products. Wanna learn more about it? Wanna join me? Swipe left, and I’ll see you on the next page!