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I believed in my passion, and making it happen

I’m inspired to inspire, with amazing custom/wholesale cosmetic products that I will be providing for my supported customers.

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All inquires are done through Instagram :)

Hello, all inquires About shipping and billing will be done through Instagram direct message, you will provide your personal information for shipping, and payment will be collected through cash or e- transfer. :)


Concentrated gloss that brightens up your lips galore! It includes vitamin E oil, and coconut oil 💋 more colours to come :)

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Get your butterfly and sassy lashes 🤩

My butterfly lashes and sassy lashes are 100% cruelty free, and perfect for a night out 🥰


&7.50 ea

My lipgloss is 100% cruelty free and is super concentrated, glossy, and makes your lips so smooth! It includes vitamin E oil and coconut oil💕

Kiss me gloss —

Strawberry flavour

Butterfly 🦋 gloss —

Blueberry flavouring

Juicy gloss —

Orange flavouring

Butterfly Lashes  —

Faux mink eyelashes, 100% cruelty free

$10 ea

Sassy lashes —

Faux mink eyelashes
100% cruelty free,
$10 ea



Butterfly 🦋

Summer time vibes 💋

Beaut in your lashes

Ulta-lip rosehip gloss

Reduces fine lines on lips
- it moisturizes and heals
- contains vitamin A, seed oil, & mineral oil. ❤️❤️

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Ulta-lip mint gloss 💋

Ulta-lip MINT oil gloss
- it has a cooling effect
- had a refreshing tingle
- smoothes cracked lips

1 for $8 or two for $15 —

Ulta-lip coconut gloss

Ulta-lip COCONUT oil gloss
- hydrates lips
- locks in the moisturizer
- it shines without stickiness 🤎🤎🤎

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Beauty jar —


The jar consists of what you put into it:)
It could be :
-lip gloss
-lip oil
Add on’s - one bath bomb💗
It comes with a free scrunchy, lash brush, and chalk for the jar ;)

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Beauty jar, BLUE —

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Beauty jar, GREEN  —


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Body mist

In the style angelic

Mist includes coconut oil, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, and 4% water.

All mists have the same ingredients! 🤍

Body mist

In the style boss babe

Read previous card for ingredients:)

Body mist

In the style Queen


Keychains 🥰 —

All keychains come in different colours, depending on your choice for a custom order ☺️

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Keychains!  —

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