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A witchcat who’s friend of all stars.

tin, a woman who’s silent but screams her thoughts through writing. almost drowned by her unsaid thoughts and unexpressed emotions, but still surviving because of the constellation— a group of stars who helped her to get back on the right track despite of the darkness that surrounds them. they already know who they are and if you're one of them and you see this, thank you and i appreciate you a lot.

a lost kitten

some self-care reminders

for those people who needs to hear this


a little reminder from this catto;

don’t compare your progress in other people's progress, it wouldn't help you grow as a person. each time you compare yourself in others, it'll get more tiring than it was before— you might become impatient along the way. remember this, it's you vs. you, it’s already 2022 honey, set goals to improve and yourself more. it doesn't matter if they're doing better than you, the important thing is you're doing better than you was before.

a lost kitten


it's okay to isolate yourself sometimes, it's okay if it's your way in protecting your inner peace. you don't owe anyone your presence. sometimes we get tired from our daily routine— communicating with different persons that brings out our different personalities. isolating is like recharging, when you're full, you communicate a lot with others and as the time goes by our battery percentage will get lower and lower so we need a recharge, it's a part of life.

A lost kitten


i don't really believe in a thing they called “soulmate” but if ever that it is true, lemme leave a note here:

dear soulmate,
hi, i hope you're doing well. maybe for now, we don't know each other but please keep it that way— it's not that i don't wanna meet and know you but i don't want you to see the me (present me), i'm still in the process of learning and improving to be the best version of myself. let me love myself for now, let me enjoy things around me, let me fix my problems by myself, let me be better. 'cause i don't want to be a burden to you when the time comes. let me be successful first, before you come into my life 'cause i don't want to rely my needs on anyone specially to you.


a lost kitten


꒰ ✉ ꒱ ﹕you've got a message from aki ! (to anyone who's reading this rn.)

everyone deserves someone who is patient enough to handle your mood swings. someone who can embrace you wholeheartedly despite of your flaws and imperfections. someone who's willing to listen to your rants or whenever you talk about on how your day went. someone who knows that there's something wrong whenever you're in silence and always check up on you. someone who wouldn't tolerate your toxic traits and help you grow— to be a better person. someone who's brave enough to break through the walls that you've built for yourself. someone who's willing to give you not only butterflies in the stomach but a peace of mind. someone who will accompany you until both of you reach your dreams. someone who wouldn't leave you without saying goodbye. someone who's patient enough to wait for you. if you don't have that someone right now, then remember this:

maybe this chapter is about you alone. maybe this chapter is about you discovering more about yourself, your hidden talents, or maybe your dreams. all of us have different timelines so;

don't rush everything,
take one step at a time:)

a lost kitten