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Hey there! 🥰

Welcome to my page!! My name is Alanah and I am 20 years of age who lives Northern to Sydney, in NSW Australia!

I am hugely passionate about inspiring & motivating other women to not only give them support to step outside their comfort zones, but to go after their life long dreams and change their life for the absolute better & greater, that they have always imagined! I absolutely love to help others discover and become the best versions of themselves, it makes ME the happiest!

For as long as I can remember, I have always craved and dreamt to be able to do some type of job (literally anything!) online earning an income from home, in order to have more free time for myself (and let’s be honest it’s really to be living the trackie life lol!). But not only that, it also came in hand that I was looking to be able to work and be part of a good & trustworthy company that shares the same values & morals as my own!

Ever since I was young as well, I struggled to step outside of my comfort and not care what people think…..but I can now happily say that I have officially overcame and accomplished all of just that!!

If you feel like you have came to a point in your life where you lost, confused, are not enjoying your current job or degree, are just wanting to have more free time to yourself, not wanting to wake up so early every morning doing that 9-5, are unhappy with your job or entire life, are looking for a new passion, looking for something that DOES NOT need any experience, are wanting to be YOUR own boss, work online earning 6 Figures and more! - then I am here to introduce you to Modern Nature; Monat.

What is Monat? Monat is a top selling $1 billion dollar beauty brand that develops & sells clinically proven naturally-based, anti aging hair & skin care products. All of the products that Monat sells are free from parabens, sulfates, and animal-derived ingredients, and are made to give you longer, stronger, healthier hair and vibrant, hydrated skin, all whilst being vegan, gluten free and cruelty free!! (can it get any better!?)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of gal that is super passionate & cautious of every product I use on my skin & hair. And I definitely DO NOT promote, praise or post anything that does not actually work or make a difference (to me at least), but with this I know that I am not alone, especially with spreading the word of actually good and clinically proven famous beauty products! (even celebs like Megan Foxx praising our Rejuvenated Oil - which is quite life changing!)
And for all of this, is why I am so excited to have become a MP - Market Partner - with Monat! I cannot stress enough of how massive this opportunity is for anyone & everyone! But that’s not even the best news, Monat is looking for more Mp’s due to their recent launch in Australia!!!
This is the perfect time right now to not only be known for years to come as one of the first founders for Monat launching in Australia, but to get in before November 1st and sign up to become your own boss, becoming a MP like me!!
And for YOU (yes you!) who is reading this, you have just came across the most amazing opportunity you’ll probably every be alter, like i was.! This is literally handed to everyone on a silver platter, all for a reason - to help change people’s lives!!

From having more free time, working online WHENEVER and WHEREVER you like, earning huge commissions, shares and paid cars + travelling trips, working with an amazing community of supportive girls who will never leave you hanging from all around the world (so many Aussie girls too!) + sooo much more!

If you are looking to completely change your life around, whether it be wanting a better job then the 9-5, a bigger income flow (so much bigger!), clearer skin, healthier hair or just wanting to meet some new friendly faces, let’s talk!!
Let me help you and give you all the info I can give you in order to learn more and join our Monat Team!

Start here by filling out my Hair Quiz now!👇🏽