Alaura Rich for UVM SGA Senate

My name is Alaura Rich and I am running for SGA Senate! I am a Sophomore Community and International Development major with a minor in Political Science. My on campus involvement includes my membership in Delta Delta Delta, where I serve as our chapter’s licensing/merchandising chair, and my job as a Staff Assistant for the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics!

I’m running for SGA Senate because my community is important to me and I want to represent the diverse interests our student body holds. I believe we can come together to build a stronger, more connected University community that works and advocates for everybody.

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Better Support First-Generation, Low-Income, Independent, and Minority Students

The challenges that first-generation students, low-income students, students in minority groups, and students without parental support face often go unnoticed. We must do better to support them as they navigate through their time in college. 

We should: 
1. Expand and increase access to funding for study abroad and travel-study courses for students in these categories. 
2. Automatically give students below a certain income the opportunity to register for courses 30 minutes before the rest of their academic class. 
3. Increase access to advising for these students and expand the reach of programs like TRIO/Student Support Services.

My Platform

Improve the Relationship Between UVM FSL and the Greater UVM Community

Fraternity and Sorority Life at UVM positively contributes to our community in many ways. Without it, hundreds of opportunities for student leadership would be lost. Instead of trying to tear down this institution, we can come together and strengthen it if we remember the positive things it represents and work tirelessly to fix the flaws within the system. 

Together, we can: 
1. Work to make Fraternity and Sorority life more inclusive for individuals of all backgrounds. 
2. Establish liaison positions to help facilitate communication and cooperation between the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils and the Student Government Association. 
3. Encourage more community outreach activities between FSL organizations and other clubs and student groups.


Increase Resources and Support for Victims of Sexual and/or Physical Violence and Continue to Advocate for Systemic Changes

College campuses should be a safe place for ALL students. While we as students may not always know the best way to approach allegations of sexual misconduct and handle them properly, we must work as diligently as possible to ensure that student support services are a #1 priority and that the accused are investigated and always held accountable. 

Immediately, we should:
1. Acknowledge that sexual assault and misconduct are problems that extend far beyond one campus institution or organization. We need to address this problem systemically and advocate for comprehensive, lasting solutions.

2. Continue to expand the CAPS program and other services for students who are experiencing mental health issues specifically related to sexual or physical violence.

3. Additionally, we should create a uniform removal policy for club members/elected officials credibly accused of sexual misconduct.