Work On You Everyday

“When you get to the bottom, you go back to the top”

Since I moved from my country, everything changed for me..
Starting from living by myself at 16 years old, my body gained weight, more responsibilities, school, work, etc.
That made me to make an action in my life to work on me every day.

I lost my dad one year ago and that made me get to the bottom in my life. Along with time and knowledge I started to work on me, looking for the positive side of this situation, how to keep looking forward, the good part of the bad side and “go back to the top”.

Therefore, I wanted start to help people to work on themselves everyday, no matter the situation they go thru, The best way is to keep going.

My way out was focusing on getting a healthy lifestyle, where that created on me more security in myself which made me secure of every decision I was going to make in my daily basic.

Thanks to that, I got a result in my weight, on my health, which made people to wanted to get the results that I got.

-Working on my mind
-Talking ti myself
-Creating new habits

Who is Albany

Typical 20 years old girl who likes to have a healthy lifestyle

You guys can know a little more about me and let’s make it quick and funny

• Name: Albany Simonelli.
• Birthday: September 26, 1999.
• Nationality: Venezuelan.
• Age: 20 Years Old (almost 21)
• Major: Pre Dentistry Student
• Fav Food: Every Italian food.
• Job: Owner of “Zoom Nutrition” -Smoothies Protein Healthy Place-
• Living In: Miami

Knowing those main things of me, I can tell you why everything started.

As I mentioned, when I moved to Miami by myself everything changed because it was the first time in my life that I worked, I had a house to take care, responsibilities from a little girl to the ones that a woman need to care, school, self problems, etc.

When I started to get too many responsibilities I got much weight which created in me insecurities, as I didn’t wanted to do anything, I didn’t feel well and couldn’t get any goal, too many excuses, not achieving anything, and much things.

During my entire life I have been a person that always do sports. Therefore, here I was doing exactly the same but I wasn’t looking at any change instead of getting heavier.

Then, the saddest part.. my Dad was killed and I can say that is a moment and feeling I can’t express but because of it I changed my life entirely. I wanted to be BETTER, to find a goal, to work on myself, to make people understand that we don’t know when is our last chance in this world so let’s live the daily as much as we can and love ourselves.

Since that, I started to read books, surround myself with positive people, listen to popcast, go to church, listen to Christian music, and there I found how happy I was when I started to create a healthy lifestyle.

Without noticing, everything started to chance. My body got better, I lose really some pounds, build again back my security in myself, I was able to inspire people because I was being too positive after my situation, looking forward, studying more, having a better relationship with family and friends

Therefore, the purpose of this is to help people to get to their goals on a healthy lifestyle and giving the opportunity to help them the react it.

21 Days Challenge

I will tell you a little ... With this plan the main purpose is that you can learn to create a healthy habit in 21 days and so you can begin to achieve your goal.

In this challenge I am in charge of sending you a personalized eating plan depending on your goal and at the same time I recommend some supplements to help you.

My plan is to make a caloric deficit but high in nutrition, this means, that you lower the calories in your meals but do not stop consuming the nutrients that your body needs every day.

For this, it include:
• Meal Plan
• Shopping List
• Body Evaluation
• Healthy Recipes
• Smoothies Recipes
• Snacks Options
• Personalized Consulting
• Chat for questions


Everything depends on your goal
•Wight Loss
• Gain Muscle
• Loss Fat Percentage

I am in charge of sending you a personalized eating plan depending on your goal and at the same time I recommend some supplements to help you.

Once you choose the plan, then I'll take care of making the complete eating plan, which includes everything mentioned.

Get the Products

On thus part, you already selected the ideal plan for you.

Now on you get thru this link and fill your Wellness Questionary which will let me receive more information about your body, height, weight, goal.

Also, thru this link you will be able to get the products for the plan.