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I’m a former process engineer and founder of Alchemy.TT- a brand that specializes in helping people heal holistically.

After my grandpa’s death in 2017, my mom developed skin and scalp psoriasis. I took the opportunity to blend natural herbs and oils as well as my background in energy medicine to heal her skin and scalp conditions.

She was impressed with the results she got and prompted me to offer these products to others who may also benefit. And so the business was born.

We’re here to support you on your journey through our range of amazing clean beauty products, customer service and by sharing our wealth of knowledge and wisdom with you.

Whether you’re new to energy healing or you’re a seasoned professional, try our beauty products and let the results speak for themselves.


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Let’s chat about our amazing products

Many years ago I started using my background in science and passion for energy healing to create beauty products that solved problems that my mom and I were facing.
Mom’s - Skin and scalp psoriasis
Me - being an empath - constantly absorbing other people’s lower vibrational energies

Now I’m happy to help solve your problems, one amazing, energy infused product at a time.

Welcome to our fascinating world of clean beauty and energy healing.

Meet ReGrow

Our Best Selling All Natural Unisex Scalp Oil for Fuller, Thicker, Longer, Healthier Hair.

Ready to ReGrow

Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

Our Comfortable, ergonomically designed brush massages hair and scalp during shampooing for a deeply relaxing experience.
✔ Thick, soft silicone bristles deep clean and exfoliates the scalp whilst stimulating blood flow, essential for healthy hair growth
✔ Relaxes the scalp muscles, reducing accumulated tension and stress
✔ Easy to use, Waterproof and manually operated - no battery required
✔ Works for men and women, on all hair types
✔ Perfect for scalps that are: Dry, Itchy, Oily, Normal and Tense

Shampoo brush

ReGrow + Shampoo Brush Set

Kick start your healthy hair growth journey with our best selling hair oil and favorite deeply relaxing, scalp massaging shampoo brush set.
Save $$ when you purchase this bundle and enjoy the same great products.

ReGrow + Brush Bundle

Soy Mood & Intention Candles

Made from 100% soy + coconut wax blend, using premium fragrance & essential oils in reusable tins.

These beauties come in a variety of scents and options -: wooden wick, double wick and single wick.

These are hand poured, in small batches, once per month.

They’re perfect for Candle Lovers, Busy, Highly Stressed and Anxious Professionals, Manifestors and Yogis.

Not only do they smell great but they also help to:
✔ Start a self-care practice
✔ Uplift your mood
✔ Deepen your meditations
✔ Enhance your mindfulness practice
✔ Supercharge your manifestations by helping you attract what you want

Cruelty-Free, Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic. Wicks are free from Lead and Zinc Free.

Soy intention candles

Good Vibes: Energy Shielding Spray

Experience our luxury, signature essential oil, crystal infused energy shielding spray.

Made with rose water + high quality essential oils + crystals that work to Detox and Recharge your auric field leaving you feeling grounded & relaxed.

✔ Promotes relaxation & general wellbeing through sensory stimulation
✔ Helps to clear, ground and recharge your energy
✔ Cruelty Free + Vegan Friendly
✔ Ideal for empaths and anyone who needs an energy reset.

Good Vibes

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